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Aport Global Appoints Christopher Nutman as New Operations Manager

Aport Global Appoints Christopher Nutman as New Operations Manager


Aport have recently welcomed Christopher Nutman (Chris) as the newest addition to our team, in the role of Operations Manager.

With an impressive background in clinical solid-tissue recovery, Chris has a wide range of lab-based skills and a detailed understanding of what our clients need our support with.

His appointment is a significant move for Aport, as it reflects our intention to offer next level peace of mind to our clients. Who better to advise on a range of logistics questions than someone who has been there and done that, working on the ground in the industries we serve.

Drawing from his experience authoring ICH-GCP compliant documentation as the project deputy for IRAS submission for opening of a Phase la clinical trial, Chris has developed his expertise in a fast-paced environment, where precision, prioritisation, and rapid adaptability were essential.

His dedication to accuracy and ethical integrity, along with his commitment to clear communication across multi-disciplinary departments, both internally and externally, showcases his leadership qualities.

From working in a biotech startup in Manchester, UK, Chris demonstrated his proficiency in utilising a logistics planning and booking system to facilitate the shipment of clinical samples. His meticulous approach to communication with vendors ensured the successful transit of potentially life-saving treatments, highlighting his commitment to the cause, which in this case, was patient care and safety.

As the clinical training lead, he focused on writing SOPs and facilitated the training of multi-departmental staff, as well as testing and optimisation of new processes, which shows his proactive and thorough approach to all aspects of his work.

Exactly what we're all about at Aport.

Chris' experience in presenting to clinical investigators on procurement for cell therapy manufacture, including answering questions on the process, is a testament to his comprehensive understanding of clinical operations.

His ability to author and present reports on laboratory samples analysis, coupled with his background in clinical trial setup, data management and reviewing regulatory and ethics documentation, positions him as a valuable asset to Aport Global, as we move forwards.

Having previously worked at prestigious institutions such as The Christie, Chris brings a wealth of enthusiasm and knowledge to the Aport Global team.

His track record of success and commitment to advancing clinical activities with accuracy and ethical integrity aligns with Aport's mission to provide exceptional service and support in laboratory logistics.

As Aport Global continues to lead the way in laboratory relocation services, Chris' expertise and leadership will enhance our understanding of clinical and laboratory sample handling and implementation of world leading laboratory logistics.

This appointment reaffirms Aport Global's commitment to excellence and innovation, and the team looks forward to working with Chris, and to benefitting from his insights and experience as we look to enhance our offer to clients.
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