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A guide to keep your KönigQuartz surface in pristine condition

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19 March 2024 

A guide to keep your KönigQuartz surface in pristine condition

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Pictured is a KönigQuartz surface in Bianco Toscana.
(Kitchen designed by Hillfarm Two Bears)

Quartz is one of the most beautiful and durable surfaces. It is the perfect choice for your kitchen and, with a little TLC, can last a lifetime. Here, Joanne Bull from Königstone sets out how best to care for your kitchen surface.

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Pictured is a Rio Blanco surface from the KönigQuartz range. 

  1. For everyday cleaning, quartz is easy to maintain. Just a daily wipe with a warm soft sponge using a mild detergent or antibacterial spray will keep your stone surface gleaming all year round.
  1. For ease of removal, we recommend removing all spills as soon as possible, paying special attention to tea, coffee, ketchup and wine.
  1. For tougher or stubborn stains, you should use a cream cleaner to remove any marks from a quartz worktop, while a natural stone cleaner is suitable for a granite surface.  If at first you don't succeed, ensure the surface is dry and reapply the chosen cleaner in circular motions using a non-abrasive sponge, rinsing with warm water afterwards.
  1. Even though quartz is scratch-resistant, it is not scratch-proof, so please always use a chopping board for all cooking and preparation.  
  1. KönigQuartz has a high heat resistance but can be subject to thermal shock, so avoid placing any pots and pans from the oven or hob directly onto the surface.

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Notes to editor

Königstone provides quartz and natural stone products of the highest quality for use as surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Königstone has developed strong relationships to understand the capabilities and ethics of its suppliers and has been able to collaborate on developing new colours. It only supplies approved fabricators and installers to ensure each homeowner's project is in good hands from start to finish.


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