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Seb Fontaine Says Majestic Grass Carpet of Caldicott Castle is Coolest Place to dance

Press Release: 18 March 2024

Seb Fontaine Says Majestic Grass Carpet of Caldicott Castle is Coolest Place to Dance

Seb Fontaine - a DJing stalwart of  Ministry of Sound since the club opened in 1991 - votes Welsh grass of Caldicott Castle as best dancefloor for Ministry of Sound Classical


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When the iconic Ministry of Sound flung open its doors in 1991, one of the first ever DJs to play at the legendary club was Seb Fontaine; now 35 years on, Fontaine plans a majestic night under the stars, when he brings Ministry of Sound Classical to Caldicott Castle on 7 June. Famed for its lush green grass, Fontaine says the cool Welsh carpet of the Castle will be a perfect dancefloor for this hedonistic 35thcelebration of the pioneering club.    With its soft soil and dewy fresh grasses,  Fontaine invites audiences to kick of their shoes and party, as he reignites the riotous vibrance and energy of those Ministry of Sound underground rave days, but with a classical twist; along with special guests K-Klass.


"Wales, I'm taking you back 35 years to one of the most decadent dance revolutions of our time," smiles Fontaine. "Surrounded by the walls of Caldicott Castle, the dewy Welsh grass between your toes,  and a 31-piece orchestra to enhance those anthemic classics, this is going to one of those magical nights that you'll never forget."


Swapping the burning hot sands of Ibiza, for the cooling grass of Wales, Ministry of Sound Classical delivers sizzling Ibizan vibes, but with the a dancefloor fit for dancing toes.  For one night only, the majestic grounds of Caldicot Castle transform into one of the greatest dancefloors, as the breath-taking Ministry of Sound Classical comes to life.  And this is no ordinary DJ set. Ministry of Sound joins forces with some of the most talented players in classical music, to create a Ministry of Sound take on what an orchestral performance can be. Each performance features a full 31-piece orchestra performing iconic dance classics, completely rearranged and reinterpreted for the 2020s.

For this spectacular performance, Ministry of Sound has handpicked the very best tunes from dance music history, and recreated them in a magnificent orchestral performance. The iconic MoS has had some pretty decent DJs through their doors over the years and they've recruited many of them to perform alongside an incredible 31-piece orchestra.

For what promises to be a very special night, Caldicot Castle roles out the green grass dancefloor and plays host to an inspirational, generation-defining night of the greatest and most influential dance music ever! 

Ministry of Sound Classical

Caldicot Castle, Wales

Friday 7 June 2024


Tickets on sale: 10am Friday 8th December 2023

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