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Free Electric Vehicle charge point training for UK installers
Installers can get free training on installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points from the global vehicle charging specialist CTEK.

The monthly free online training is delivered by CTEK’s UK-based Skillbase team and will equip installers with the know-how to install and network CTEK EV charge points, to load balance, configure and troubleshoot.

The four-hour sessions are designed to equip the installer to work both quickly and accurately so that each installation is high quality, to ensure EV charging is reliable and generates 100 per cent customer satisfaction every time.

The training blends technical information about charging products with practical walk-throughs on installation, load balancing and configuration. Installers will also be signposted to additional support and ‘how to’ guides available online and an introduction to the ongoing CTEK support available in the UK.

The 2024 training sessions will run from 9am to 1pm on Thursdays:

·      March 7

·      April 4

·      May 2

·      June 6

·      August 8

·      September 5

·      October 3

·      November 7

·      December 5


CTEK UK Skillbase Manager Viktors Nikolajevs said: “We have been running these free training sessions for installers for several years now and the feedback is always very positive. Installers say it is time well spent to find out all about EV charging, how charging units work and what they need to know to install effectively.

“There are always lots of good questions asked, including about load management, communication protocols, networking and RCD protection.

“Charge point installation is a growing market for installers, ranging from single unit jobs in domestic settings to multiple output projects for employers, landlords, local authorities and large charge point operators.

“Whether you are an installer looking to get into this market for the first time or an experienced EV charge point installer keen to learn more and step up to larger projects, you are very welcome to sign up for a free session and find out everything you want to know.”

To secure a place, register at:

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