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BillyChip® Launches in Cheltenham



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BillyChip® Launches in Cheltenham
Independent Coffee Shop Helps Support Town's Homeless People

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BillyChip®, the social enterprise scheme supporting rough sleepers, has its first foothold in Cheltenham. The Find, an independent artisan coffee house, is supporting the BillyChip scheme enabling rough sleepers and those who are homeless to swap a BillyChip for food and drink.

The BillyChip scheme enables members of the public to buy a BillyChip for £2 in participating outlets. They can then gift the BillyChip to a rough sleeper, who will be able to exchange it at cafes and restaurants who have signed up to the scheme.

Jon Hope, Co Founder of BillyChip, said: "We are so excited to have launched in Cheltenham. This beautiful Regency town carries a reputation for being affluent but we know that things are not always what they seem and Cheltenham isn't exempt from people sleeping on the streets. We hope this new partnership with The Find will be an example to other local businesses that it's vital for the community to come together to support everyone living in Cheltenham - whether they have a home or not. We can't wait to see the incredible ripple effect we know the BillyChip will have in supporting those who need it most. We would like to say a huge thank you to David, Gino and Megan for being the forerunners in Cheltenham and lighting the way for change through our safe, secure currency." 

The team at The Find added: "We are very excited to be the first business in Cheltenham to support BillyChip and hope others will now join us in taking responsibility for our community".


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About BillyChip®
BillyChip is a social enterprise platform which aims to empower rough sleepers. The platform allows people to purchase a BillyChip token from participating food and drink outlets which can then be given to rough sleepers and homeless people as an alternative to cash. They can then redeem the BillyChip for food, drink and other products. 

BillyChip was set up in 2018 to continue the legacy of Billy Abernethy-Hope, a 20 year old ambulance driver from Bristol. After helping support the homeless, Billy felt disheartened at how little the general public gave to local homeless people. Although many make regular charitable donations, Billy was surprised at the small percentage of donations given directly to people living rough for fear of the money being used for drugs or alcohol. The BillyChip offers a solution, delivering kindness, compassion and food and drink to homeless people in the UK.

The BillyChip Foundation was established as a registered charity by Meg Abernethy-Hope, Billy's sister, and Jon Hope, Billy's father. In 2021, Meg was awarded the Diana Award for her charitable work.