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Norfolk primary school dials 999 for Spiderman astronaut
 Norfolk primary school’s 999 call inspires would-be Spiderman astronaut

Ambulance and police give Aldborough youngsters VIP access to their equipment

Who you gonna call?  Class 1 pupils at a Norfolk primary school know the answer, as a result of their investigation into ‘keeping safe and people who help us.’   

First the children were able to have a look around an ambulance and ask Norfolk paramedic Ms Natasha Leonard, whose daughter Emily is at the school, all sorts of questions about her job and experiences.  A few days later PC Smith from Cromer Constabulary came in to talk to the children about keeping safe and aspects of her job.  She brought along her police car and the children were able to go inside and turn on the lights and sirens. 

“They were so excited by both visits,” says class teacher Sarah Meyrick.  “There is nothing like seeing and touching to reinforce the learning experience.  And as for being allowed to set off the siren and lights!  They were unforgettable experiences for them and absolutely brilliant for teaching and underpinning the messages. 

“A big thank you to the ambulance and police services for letting Ms Leonard and PC Smith bring in their vehicles.  They were hugely positive experiences.” 

Ms Meyrick is currently planning visits from more ‘people who help us,’ including the RNLI, the fire service and a vet. 

Our picture shows, from the left, Freddie, Emily (Ms Leonard’s daughter) and Indigo from Class 1, all of whom are 4 years old. 

Emily said of the ambulance visit, “We got to sit on the seats in the ambulance and we went on the bed.  My mum showed us all the stuff that helps people and we got to put on the sirens as well!”

Indigo was keener on the visit from the police.  She said, “I would like to be a policewoman.  I got to press the siren in the police car and hold the steering wheel!”

Freddie is similarly sure of his life ambition, even though he thought the ‘best bit’ was wearing the police helmet and jacket he said, “I don't want to be a policeman because I want to be a Spiderman astronaut.” 

Aldborough Primary School is in North Norfolk, between Aylsham and Cromer.  Visit for more information. 

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