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HRC News: Falcon’s extended portfolio offers induction for every operator
 Induction to the fore for Falcon at HRC

Falcon’s extended portfolio offers induction for every operator

Excel London Stand H1831 25th-27th March 2024


Visitors to stand H1831 will get a chance to discover Falcon’s most energy-efficient, carbon footprint reducing equipment that helps businesses to work more efficiently.

Induction is the most energy-efficient technology available and Falcon’s newly extended range of induction is well represented here, with examples of all Falcon’s induction offering. The induction solid top tweaks standard induction technology to give a variably heated cooking surface: hot in the middle, cooling towards the edge. This gives the usability of a gas solid top with the benefits of induction cooking. Standard induction comes in the form of the E3903i boiling top, which features 4 x 3.5kW zones. The new One Series E143i 4-zone induction range will be making its exhibition debut here and is ideal for those operators who want to experience all the benefits of induction but don’t necessarily have the demand, budget or power requirements for standard induction models.

Energy-efficiency is a key feature of Falcon’s electric chargrills, which also appear on the stand. These have powerful heating elements that allow them to reach cooking temperatures in a fraction of the time of gas models, allowing them to be turned on just before they are required, and can even be turned off during quieter service times.  Heat is evenly distributed across the grill, producing the attractive branding that is the hallmark of chargrilling. The chargrills also feature a removable grease tray that doesn’t require water and a PTFE-lined chamber below the elements, making it very easy to clean.

Falcon’s Angel Fryer uses oil level sensing technology to prevent fires caused by deep fat fryers. A patented sensor detects if the oil is below safe levels, initially alerting the operator that the oil needs topped up before automatically shutting off power to the unit if oil level isn’t replenished. Falcon Angel Fryer is available on many of Falcon’s single and twin pan fryer models.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits Falcon equipment can bring to your business as well as getting to see the latest additions to its comprehensive range of electric appliances at close quarters don’t hesitate to drop by at HRC. Falcon is sharing the stand with its sister company Williams Refrigeration.

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment and is the UK distributor for Lainox combination ovens.  The company combines a reputation for performance, reliability and innovation with a history going back over 200 years.  Today Falcon supplies foodservice operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe.  Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support.  Visit for more information. 




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