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Is "weird fiction" about to get more mainstream?


American author, and self-confessed recluse after a lifetime of travelling the world, M Laszlo is one of a growing number of writers classified as creating 'weird lit' or 'weird fiction'. And if you're intrigued to try something new and out of your usual reading comfort zone, On The Threshold (published in February 2024 by AIA Publishing in Australia) would be a great place to start.It could be that you’re considering dusting off some Edgar Allan Poe or H.P. Lovecraft from the archives. Or maybe you just watched The Fall of the House of Usher and are hungry for more. Across literature, films and theatre, an interest in weird fiction has most definitely been piqued in the States and it's growing this side of the Atlantic too; so where to get started?

Weird fiction is notoriously tricky to define and place into a 'box' by its very nature. Essentially, it’s a literary style that often blends speculative fiction with elements of high concept, horror, fantasy, occult, metaphysical, magical realism, and more to create a genre that can be at times surreal, thought-provoking, challenging and unnerving.

H.P. Lovecraft is arguably the twentieth-century master of the genre, who explains weird fiction as more than “secret murder, bloody bones, or a sheeted form clanking chains.” According to Lovecraft, the weird is a malign suspension of the laws of nature, of the very things that we rely on to safeguard our fragile lives and psyches against the chaos and malignancy lurking just beyond the world we know. 

While we appreciate weird fiction may not be for everyone, if your interest has been piqued we'd love to send you a copy. And more information about On The Threshold by M Laszlo follows. 




M. Laszlo

Title:On theThreshold |Author:M. Laszlo | Publisher: AIA Publishing |Genres: Literary Fiction, Weird Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Philosophical, Metaphysical |Publication date: 9th February 2024 |Availability: PB, EB |ISBN: 9781922329585 |Price: £12 |Media folder & enquiries: /

"A surrealistic, metaphysical novel that offers profound questions worth pondering." -Blue Ink Reviews


Is it possible to unlock the secrets of our universe?

Obsessed with solving the riddle of the universe, a Scotsman named Fingal T. Smyth conducts an occult-science experiment during which he unleashes a projection of his innate knowledge.

Fingal aimed to interrogate this avatar to learn what it knows, but unfortunately, he forgot how violent the animal impulses that reside in the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind can be. The avatar appears as a burning man who seeks to manipulate innocent and unsuspecting people into immolating themselves.

With little hope of returning the fiery figure into his being, Fingal must capture his nemesis before it destroys the world.


Perfect for fans of Ben Aaronovitch, Juliet Blackwell, and Carolyn Jess-Cooke. On the Thresholdis a unique and thought-provoking paranormal mystery that is brilliantly written and considers profound questions of our world and how we might try to solve the riddles of the universe.



Praise forOn theThreshold

"Definitely appealing to those readers who enjoy reading unusual fantasy novels that are both heartfelt and warming—a perfect book to read in front of a fireplace (or elsewhere!)." -The International Review of Books, Badge-of-Achievement Review

"Laszlo's writing style is imaginative and lush, creating heavily detailed moments of somber introspection for the main characters and then wholly throwing them into the deep end of some fantastical science that somehow makes complete sense in juxtaposition. ... It's hard not to love a novel that so ardently resists classification." -Beatrice Toothman, Seattle Book Review

"This is slow-burn storytelling at its finest. Laszlo also incorporates elements of horror alongside suspense and mystery to keep readers glued to the pages. Fingal is a very compelling character, and I found some of his inner monologues surprisingly hilarious. This will be the perfect book for paranormal mystery readers."- Reader's Favorite Review


M. Laszlolives in Bath Township, Ohio. He is an aging recluse, rarely seen nor heard.On the Thresholdis his second release and first with Tahlia Newland's Awesome Independent Authors. Rumour holds that Laszlo is a pseudonym inspired by the character of Victor Laszlo in the classic American filmCasablanca.
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