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CPD Course Released- Embodied Carbon and Environmental Product Declarations

CPD Course Released- Embodied Carbon and Environmental Product Declarations

EnviroBuild, a pioneering leader in the sustainable construction industry, is pleased to announce the release of its latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course, titled "Embodied Carbon: What Even is an EPD?". This cutting-edge CPD program is designed to educate and empower professionals in the construction sector about the importance of embodied carbon and the significance of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).


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The construction industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with sustainability and environmental consciousness taking centre stage. To meet this challenge and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving green building sector, construction professionals need the latest knowledge and insights. EnviroBuild's new CPD course is tailored to provide precisely that.

The course is led by Dr. Aidan Bell of EnviroBuild, an expert in the industry for almost two decades. Dr. Bell's expertise in the field of sustainability and embodied carbon makes this CPD an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge in this vital area.

He said: "This CPD course will provide the industry with the latest knowledge and insights to keep up with the ever-evolving green building industry. Through our comprehensive training one will gain a better understanding of the principles, processes, and categories involved in life cycle analyses (LCAs) and environmental product declarations (EPDs). This will provide the practical skills needed to read, understand, and compare EPDs, helping make more informed decisions on future projects."

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Details on the course

EnviroBuild's mission is to lead the sustainable revolution in the construction industry. With the release of this new CPD course, the company takes another significant step towards achieving that goal. EnviroBuild has been at the forefront of environmental responsibility, holding the UK's first and only EPD for Composite Products that covers its full range of composite products. Additionally, they have an EPD for their Aluminum non-combustible offerings.

The importance of embodied carbon and EPDs in construction cannot be overstated. As the construction industry seeks to minimise its environmental footprint and make more sustainable choices, EnviroBuild's CPD course will play a pivotal role in educating and empowering professionals to contribute to a greener future.

EnviroBuild invites professionals in the construction industry to join the Embodied Carbon CPD course and be part of the sustainable revolution. By gaining a deeper understanding of embodied carbon and EPDs, participants can make more informed choices and have a positive impact on the industry's sustainability efforts.

The course is available both online and virtually, making it easily accessible to professionals regardless of their location. For more information about the CPD course and registration details, please visit