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New Year Good News as Fledgling Newcastle Software Company Lands Contract with G


New Year Good News asFledgling Newcastle Software Company Lands Contract with Global Giant


Reclaro, a burgeoning Software as a Service (SaaS) business based in Newcastle, has announced major contract with London and Manchester based IRIS Software Group, a global business with a workforce of around 3,500 employees.


Reclarospecialisesin providing simple strategy execution software, designed to help companies seamlessly connect their strategic goals with day-to-day operations.As an innovative start-up with a micro team of five employees,Reclarois based within a thriving co-working space in the heart of Newcastle on Grainger Street. This co-workinghub, run by Tus Park, helps tech entrepreneurs and other aspiring new businesses grow and develop their offering in a space conducive to nurturing and forms a key part of theNorth Easttech eco-system.


Founding CEO, Pete Wilkinson from EastBoldon, explained thatIRIS Software Grouphas grown exponentially in the last 12 months which has prompted a more strategic approach to business productivity and effectiveness.


"Our cloud-based software solution helps ambitious growing businesses execute their strategy quickly and effectively with interactive performance monitoring. IRIS Software Group is a leading global player in the Human Capital Management, Accountancy and Education software and services, and we're delighted they've chosenReclaroto supply strategy execution software forthem"said Pete."The business had the choice of using several alternative firms and I'm incredibly proud they have chosenus, atech start-up in Newcastle."


The software is intuitive and works on an algorithm that provides visual"traffic light" reports in real time. It also features an AIprogrammeto help and inspire their customers to create their own strategic action plans, moving away from that feeling of ‘staring at a blank screen' and instead streamlining productivity across the business.


The signing of this recent customer with IRIS Software Group not only signifies a huge milestone forReclarobut also demonstrates the industry recognition of the value and uniqueness of their product. As they continue to scale their operations, this important collaboration marks a strategic move towards broader market penetration.


"We are thrilled to have IRIS Software Group as a customer and believe our product's simplicity played a crucial role in their selection. Our aim is to continue helping businesses grow by offering a straightforward and effective solution to strategy execution," added Pete.


Derived from the Spanish expression 'remain clear,' the nameReclaroreflects this innovative tech start-up's commitment to clarity and simplicity in a world where alternative solutions in the market tend to be over-engineered. It is evident that following this significant customer win, that they have successfully positioned Newcastle on the global software landscape, contributing to the enhanced productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of a software giant that was already outstanding in their space.


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