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How to prepare for Christmas travel chaos

How to prepare for Christmas travel chaos


Single Mum is breaking the toilet-talk taboo with the world's smallest portable toilet - a most convenient travel solution!


(Above: Zoe Chapman and her son, Mayson)



An idea from juggling the responsibilities of being a single parent to her young son and full time carer to her elderly father, Zoe Chapman is trying to make needing the toilet less embarrassing and less inconvenient.


She won over the nation and the Dragons Den panel with her remarkable story of going from having to rely on Food Banks to launching an innovative product from her council flat in North-West London.


Because... we've all been there at Christmas, you're on a long road trip to visit the family you've tried to avoid all year. The kids are arguing in the back, the traffic is solid or the train is delayed, the Christmas music is on repeat. If all that wasn't bad enough you hear your child say those four words you've been dreading: "I need a wee".

How far is it until the next service station? Will your little one make it? Will the toilets be clean, even if you get there in time? Will the toilet train be blocked, making it unusable again?


Step up the Multi-Award Winning product The Whizzer from Kiddiwhizz, the First Compact Unisex Eco-Toilet as seen on Dragon's Den.


Due to popular demand, the multi-award winning Kiddwhizzer also comes in an adult size, so the driver can have their very own one too and just use the drive-throughs for snacks and coffee!



(Above: The Whizzer is compact)



Zoe Chapman won £50,000 investment on Dragon's Den, when it aired in February this year, from Steven Bartlett and Sara Davies.


(Above: Sara Davies, one of the Dragons who invested in The Whizzer earlier this year)


How the Whizzer Works


No Stress, No Mess

       The Worlds' First innovative design of its kind

       Unisex portable toilet

       Compact and squashable

       Construct in two simple steps

       Molds to user's body

       Designed to give privacy


       Holds 250ml (the capacity of an average 8 year old's bladder)

       High-grade silicone (BPA-free/FDA approved)

       Environmentally friendly

       Available in multiple colours

       Removes stress from toilet training


Other communities who use the product and say it is life changing:


       Those with autism (who often have a phobia of using the toilet)

       Diabetes when the need for going to the toilet if often more frequent


       Wheelchair users



Kiddiwhizz Kiddiwhizz The Portable Toilet Whizzer


Zoe's story that won over the Dragons and the Public



The Whizzer came about whilst Zoe was juggling responsibilities as both a single-mum and as a carer for her father.


Zoe was potty training her son as well as constantly going to and from hospital pushing both a buggy for her child and a wheelchair for her Dad.

Zoë's dad had a urinal medical condition and her son had developed a hormone deficiency - meaning a toilet needed to be found for either of them at a moment's notice.

She used her experience to invent the Whizzer - easier to transport than a portable toilet, discrete and easy to use and no leakage.


Zoe has grown the business single-handedly. Taking online courses and learning to navigate the legal side through thorough research.


She previously had to rely on food banks. Zoe currently lives in a one bed council flat with her son. Her passion and determination drives her to work 16-18 hour days, 7 days a week.


The Whizzer can be purchased from Kiddiwhizz, Amazon as well as a number of stores including JoJo Maman Bebe.

High resolution images available upon request.



Contact Details

Zoe Chapman

Tel: 07544 172485



Purchase on Amazon Prime to get it in time for the travel