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Christmas 2024 novel - Zero Ri$k by Simon Hayes - can we send you a preview?

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We hope you had a very happy Christmas. We'd like to send you a teaser (the first 80 pages) of a new financial crime mystery to enjoy between Christmas and New Year.

Zero Ri$k by Simon Hayes is due for release on eBook on 25th May 2024, and the hardback will come out on 1st July with a Christmas in July party scheduled for that month in London that we'd love you to join us for (invites to follow). The premise of the book is - what would you do if a zero was added to your bank balance every day over the Christmas period?

If you'd like us to send you a teaser copy please let us know the best address, and we'll get one over to you today. And if you're then interested in reading the whole novel, we'll send an early ARC over to you in the New Year.

In the meantime, we wish you a happy New Year!

Kind regards,
Helen, Diana, Becky, Kay, Maleeha, Rachel, Hollie and Lisa at Team LitPR  


Zero Ri$k

Simon Hayes

Title: Zero Ri$k|Author: Simon Hayes|Publisher: The Rubriqs Press Limited|Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Romance |Publication date:EB: 25th May 2024,HB: 1st July 2024| Availability:EB, HB| ISBN:9781738462407| Price:HB: 16.99, EB: £4.99| Media folder &

"It is clever and really well engineered, a contemporary (post covid) City of London financial thriller that is a page turner. Remarkable. Stand back Dan Brown... it is a real movie script!"

-Chairman, FTSE100 company


Ten days. Seven Deadly Sins. Zero Ri$k.


What's not to like when your bank account gains an extra zero or two at Christmas?


When customer complaints on Christmas Eve herald not a botched system upgrade but the most sophisticated cyber-attack in history, new National Bank CEO Rob Tanner finds himself in the eye of a "Black Swan" storm no one predicted, but anyone could have anticipated.


He enlists the help of brilliant American computer security expert Ashley Markham but the attacks only worsen: bank balances rise remorselessly and spread to all the nation's banks. The only clue to the hacker's intentions are cryptic emails which continually taunt Tanner and the newly incumbent Prime Minister, James Allen.


With financial markets - and the very world as he knows it - on the brink of collapse, Tanner races against the clock to decode not just the bizarre emails but their deeper meaning, and the implications for who he can really trust. All the while, his former boss "The Toad" is seeking revenge... and answers of his own.


This enthralling, multi-layered debut follows the story of a disillusioned banker facing the unthinkable where money has no value, financial markets are meaningless and the economy is destroyed. Tanner must unravel the mystery of the hacker's obsession with Hieronymus Bosch's medieval representation of the seven deadly sins before modern society returns to the dark ages.


Perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Sam Bourne, Christopher Reich and Robert Harris.


Key hooks:

  • Our dependence on technology in daily life
  • The risks of cyber-terrorism
  • Speaking truth to power
  • A modern take on the seven deadly sins
  • Christmas in a London setting
  • This book moves between various locations from London, Tanzania and Switzerland.


Praise for Zero Ri$k:

"Looking for a gripping thriller set in London, at Christmas, packed with intrigue and mystery...

look no further. Zero Ri$k delivers." -Reader Review


"If you ever questioned our reliance on financial institutions, law and order,

and the ‘greater good', then this book is for you!" -Reader Review


"Edge of your seat reading, stay up late and forget work the next day, jaw-dropping ‘say what?' moments...

this book has it all." -Reader Review



Simon Hayesis a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning financial services, executive search, and consultancy. With over three decades of international experience, he has lived in the US, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Simon began his career with Bank of Boston, Morgan Grenfell and James Capel, before spending much of the 90s in Asia, serving as Head of Equity Research for Warburg in Japan and later as Managing Director for Salomon Bros and UBS in Hong Kong. Simon is a Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Law graduate and the creator of rubriqs®. Recognised as a top-ranked securities analyst by Extel and II, and later as the "Best Headhunting Executive" in Japan byAsiamoney, he has also been an executive coach, mentor, and financial consultant, spending much of 2023 in Zimbabwe on a major fraud case. Born in Ealing, he is a lifelong supporter of Brentford FC. A proud father to India and Ivo, Simon now lives near Tower Bridge.@mysimonhayes #ZeroRiskNovel

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