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Announcing the world's most advanced brain nutrition

Press release - November 2023


The world's most advanced nutrition technology in a brain boosting energy flapjack and daily supplement



Performance Lab have discovered the secret to the world's best brain boosting nutrients and energy lifting supplements which are now available in daily capsules and in their delicious Nutropic bars.


The Mind Lab Pro capsules are proven to lift people's mood, increase focus and improve clarity while the Nutropic bar provides a daily dose of essential brain nutrition all while being completely vegan and clean.


With 2024 fast approaching and the grey, wet mornings of the winter months ahead, brain boosting and energy lifting supplements couldn't come at a better time. "Using the product for 3-4 days I am already feeling improvement in my cognitive function. MLPis helping me stay focused and alert throughout the day - especially helpful for my work." Narges Feizabadi, Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner, California.


‘A new year, new you' is becoming a recurring end of year slogan and along with the increased favouritism of veganism and clean products, these products are the best solution. The nutritional value of food has also been significantly decreasing since the 1940s with broccoli for example, containing only a third of the calcium it did in the 1950s. Hence, the importance of getting the right nutrients has never been more prominent.


It has also been repeatedly proven that to excel in sports one needs brain power, so whether people are casual joggers, gym-goers or top athletes, this is the time for them to start taking supplements that have been scientifically proven to enhance quality of life and boost brain power. After all, who wouldn't want to have a clearer, more focused and efficient mind while getting a mood boost?!


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Performance Lab®


Performance Lab® is the home of ultramodern nutrition. Performance Lab® have created a revolution in nutrition technology, producing the cleanest, safest and most effective range of health supplements on the market in the UK today.


Every Performance Lab® formula is made using premium-grade research-backed ingredients, utilising cutting-edge techniques to deliver key advantages over traditional supplements.


Performance Lab® produce 21 ground-breaking products, including Mind Lab Pro®v4.0, NutriGenesis® Multi for Women, NutriGenesis® Multi for Men, Omega-3 sourced directly from Algae, and Nutropic® energy bars fortified with essential brain nutrients.


Performance Lab® is a designated B Corporation, Clean Hub registered and certified vegan.


For more information, please visit


Mind Lab Pro® v4.0


Mind Lab Pro® v4.0 is the first nootropic formula proven to enhance brainpower, founded by Dave Wright.


The health supplement, now in its fourth improved version, enhances focus, clarity, memory, mood and brain health. Mind Lab Pro® v4.0 includes 11 premium-grade, research-backed nootropic ingredients, all inspired by nature and powered by plants, including Citicoline, Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, Bacopa Monnieri, Phosphatidylserine and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine.


It is scientifically proven to work, through a series of rigorous double-blind, placebo-controlled human trials, conducted independently by the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.


Mind Lab Pro® v4.0 is a designated B Corporation, Clean Hub registered and certified vegan.


For more information, please visit For Mind Lab Pro® studies, please visit