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Press Release | DRAWN TO THE LANDSCAPE at Sanctuary Gallery | 9 Feb to 15 March

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Drawn to the Landscape

An exhibition of works inspired by the textural beauty of earth and sky

9thFebruary to 15thMarch 2024

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Fleeting Song| Bev Campbell

The Sanctuary Studio & Gallery launches its 2024 schedule of exhibitions with a mixed collection of painting, ceramics and handmade print. TitledDrawn to the Landscape, this exhibition brings together established and up-and-coming artists that take a brushed, linear, drawn or etched approach to expressing the wild beauty of the British landscape.

Rising young artist Perienne Christianlives and works in the Forest of Dean. She studied Fine Art and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and was then awarded a scholarship to study at the Royal Drawing School in London. In paint, pencil and even thread, she brings landscapes, personal stories and memories together to create beautifully detailed and richly narrative works of art. Perienne has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, Buckingham Palace and Christie's, New York.

Ceramicist and printmaker Yvette Glaze captures the detail and flow of landscape through pattern and colour. Her collagraphs, lino prints and drypoint etchings are defined by a lively, illustrative style and a powerful simplicity. This is echoed in her slab-built ceramics, which are made using layers of slips, coloured clays and various drawing methods to create bright, multi-layered surface design.

Sue Mundy is a ceramic artist specialising in hand-built sculptural forms.Nature is a constant theme in her work, and this collection explores the shapes and surface textures of trees. Sue builds organically inspired vessels and narrow, bottle-like forms with etched surfaces and natural, branch-like junctions which are created by the breaking and re-joining of clay. Sue is an elected member of The Craft Potters Association.

Briony Jenkins works in oils and soft pastel, occasionally combining them to express the inspirational beauty of the wide, uninterrupted skies around her studio in the far North East of Scotland. In particular, she captures the momentary and mesmerising quality of shifting clouds through a sensitive rendering of deep shadow, infused light, and the glow of the sun as it rises, arcs and fades to the darkness of a northern night.

Artist Janet James' passion for the landscape is inspired by the Cotswolds andher travels around the United Kingdom, France and Italy. Her semi-abstracted images focus on colour and texture using oils, watercolours, pastel and acrylics and a variety of approaches to mark making, which include a layering of drawn or scratched lines and brushed or free running paint, combined to capture the tranquillity or raw energy of the sea and land.

Bev Campbell's work responds to the empty moorlands, wild coastline and remote mountain landscapes of the British Isles.Working primarily ‘en plein air', she recreates the ever-changing atmospheres of our island weather systems and the shifting patterns of light on the landscape through layering, destroying and then re-layering glazes of oil paint using found objects such as seaweed and grass, alongside brushes and palette knives, until the final image emerges.

Oxfordshire based studio potter Leighan Thomas makes sculptural and functional ceramics that express the quiet beauty of shape and texture. Her thrown, coiled, pinched and slabbed pots express a pleasingly simple, modest aesthetic that is defined by a restricted, cool toned palette and surfaces inspired by those found in nature. 

Ed Wooleystudied illustration at the Southampton Institute. His paintings take inspiration from the dramatic landscape of South Wales where he lives and works, particularly the lush valleys and the Gwent levels, with their dramatic sea-views across the Severn Estuary. Working in oils, Ed aims to capture the stillness or turbulence of landscape and sky, in a palette of bright, natural colours.

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Yvette Glaze ceramic 

Seethe Drawn to the LandscapeExhibition from 9 February to 15 March at The Sanctuary Studio & Gallery, High Street, Newnham, Gloucestershire, GL14



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BEV CAMPBELL Fleeting Song

Yvette Glaze ceramic 

Editors Notes

The Sanctuary Gallery & Studio

Established in 2022 by artist Sharon Harvey, The Sanctuary Studio & Gallery exhibits the best in contemporary painting and craft in an intimate and historical setting at the heart of the village of Newnham-on-Severn. With an ever-changing program of exhibitions, the gallery offers a broad spectrum of work from figurative to abstract, and represents emerging and established British artists.


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