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Saddle up for New Bliss Ambassador

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Please find enclosed our Press Release about Antonio Mcintosh being the new brand ambassador for Bliss of London.  Please do have a look at his TikTok content - it's joyous!

If you would like anything further, please let me know.  We hope tht you will be able to publish this on your channels and thank you very much.

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Press Release

Bliss of London

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Date: 23rd November 2023



Saddle Up for Style:
TikTok Sensation Antonio McIntosh Partners with Bliss of London

Bliss of London, the leading manufacturer of high-quality English designed and made saddles, has recently announcedtheir latest brand ambassador partnership withAntonio Mcintosh. 

Antonio is a TikTok sensation with over 272K followers and 4 million likes.   "I'm so pleased, proud and grateful to officially announce that I'm now a brand ambassador for Bliss", said Antonio, whose social handle on TikTok isA.mcintosh20."This is such a great opportunity and I'mso excited about working with this amazing company - this really is an honour - onwards and upwards from here!"

Antonio's horse Tetley has just received his custom, hand-made jumping saddle made exactly how Antonio designed it.  "Honestly, I can't thank Bliss of London enough for my brand-new saddle", explained Antonio.  "After a couple of fittings, I decided to go with the jump, twin flap in claret, with cream stitching, And I couldn't resist adding a special touch to it... As British as I am, I'm really proud to be flying the Jamaican flag in this sport. Oh, and most importantly Tetley absolutely loves it, it's been like riding a different horse the past week!"

"We are thrilled to welcome Antonio to the Bliss of London family," said Nikki Newcombe, SMS QSF, Managing Director of Bliss of London. "Antonio is a great fit for our brand. He is a positive and inspiring individual who brings joy and laughter to our equestrian sport."

Bliss of London is confident that Antonio Mcintosh's appointment will help the brand reach a wider audience and continue to grow its business.

Bliss of London was founded in 2005 and their products are designed to provide the highest level of comfort and performance for horses and riders. All are made with high-quality materials and are handcrafted in England.

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