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World Fertility Day - Mindset and Meltdowns Book Launch Tonight

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:Mindset and Meltdowns Book Launch

By Lisa Ashworth

World Fertility Day: Mindset & Meltdowns Book Launch & Q&A with author and fertility coach Lisa Ashworth:  

Title: Lisa Ashworth - Fertility: Mindset and Meltdowns |Author: Lisa Ashworth |Genres: Non-Fiction |Publication date:2nd November 2023| Availability:PB| ISBN:9781915680655| Price:PB £12.99|

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Are you trying to conceive and struggling to cope emotionally?

It's a tough time. Months of disappointment can take their toll, and the pain becomes too much to bear. Not having the baby you long for can lead to a host of negative emotions - from anxiety and grief, to loneliness and anger.

But what if there was a way to turn things around?

In Fertility: Mindset & Meltdowns, Lisa Ashworth shares her insight into the emotional strain of trying to get pregnant. Her knowledge is gleaned from a ten-year journey that included five rounds of IVF, caused many personal and medical challenges, and led to her mental health spiralling out of control. Only when she hit her lowest point did Lisa discover that managing her mindset was the missing link, and she finally became pregnant with triplets at the age of 40.

This book is a glimpse into Lisa's path to parenthood and a practical guide for managing your emotions while trying to conceive. She shares the simple tools that changed everything for her, along with her tips for surviving some of the toughest moments on the journey. You too can learn how to manage your emotions, face challenges more positively, and ultimately get closer to your goal of becoming pregnant.


National Fertility Awareness Week from 30th October to 5th November 2023 

Lisa Ashworth is a writer and qualified coach who endured a ten-year struggle to conceive a baby, with many personal and medical challenges along the way. She has written about the impact it had on her mental health and how she transformed her fertility plan by managing her mindset. Lisa finally gave birth to triplets at age 41, and she now lives in the UK's Surrey Hills with her husband and their 11-year-old children. Learn more about Lisa at 

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