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You're invited - Book launch 'Could it be your hormones love?'
Dear ,

I'd love to invite you to the launch of my new book - 'Could it be your hormones love? and other questions not to ask a menopausal woman' 

It's a virtual Pyjama party on 
Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm

Let me know if you're interested and I can send you the link to join, it would be brilliant for you to join us and support this really important cause.

If you've got any upcoming features on women's health, menopause and managing women in the workplace and you're looking for a guest contributor or someone to interview please get in touch as I'd love to help. 

I'm on a mission to help women going through menopause get the right support through their employers and managers and stop other women struggling in the way I did, which had me planning to end my life. 

I hope you can make it.
Many thanks

Andrea Newton
Author, Trainer and Keynote Speaker at In Her Right Mind  
Andrea Newton 👠👠 | LinkedIn 

Here's a blurb that I've sent out for more context and information  


Are you the sort of woman who enthusiastically agrees to go to an event, 
dinner, party, networking event with every intention of going, even 
planning your outfit or buying something new and then the evening rolls 
around …. 🙄

You’ve had a busy day at work, it’s cold outside, you made the mistake 
of getting cosy on the sofa and now the thought of getting up, getting 
dressed and actually leaving the house is less than inviting and that 
enthusiasm? Well ….

Just me?

If you are anything like me, sometimes you just want to whip your bra 
off, stick your jammies on and stay cosy and comfortable BUT you don’t 
want to be missing out on excellent value from incredible women like 
Siân Fisher Dr Jo Baldwin and Jo "Happiness" Howarth so now the dilemma 

You don’t have to. 🤨

Miss out, that is. 👀

Nor do you have to leave the comfort of your home, or your pyjamas, to 
hear from these ladies. 😮

Hurrah I hear you cry! 🥳

I am offering you the opportunity to join us online, via Zoom, in your 
pyjamas for the launch of my book ‘Could it be your hormones love? And 
other questions not to ask a menopausal woman’ as well as hear gems of 
wisdom from our guest speakers. 😄

Bra off, jammies on, what’s not to love? 🥰

Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm you are invited to log on, bring your 
beverage of choice, snacks, mates, work colleagues - anyone you think 
would be interested to hear more about :-

* Protecting relationships, careers, reputations and even lives during  perimenopause

* Finding confidence in your personal style, inside & out

* Having clarity and direction in life, making great choices

* Learning to manage anxiety, easily and healthily

If you fancy a bit of that, completely free of charge, you’ll need to 
reserve your spot via the url below - don’t miss out! Opportunities like 
this are few and far between 😁

If you can't make the party, but are interested to learn more about 
navigating that menopausal maelstrom, leave your email here and we will 
drop you a note with details of the book ...