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World-Renowned British Sculptor Honoured
 World-Renowned British Sculptor, Honoured for Turtle Rescue Efforts with Sir David Attenborough, Reveals the "Timeless" Collection to Illuminate Environmental Emergency

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Renowned sculptor Steve Winterburn, known for his exceptional wildlife sculptures and significant contributions to conservation efforts, has garnered widespread attention for his recent projects. Beginning with the grand unveiling of a flagship bronze statue honouring five Rugby League legends at Wembley Stadium followed by a recent television appearance showcasing an early-stage bust of a youthful Queen Elizabeth II, Winterburn has firmly cemented his position in the limelight.

In line with these high-profile successes, the artist is set to launch "The Timeless Collection" this Autumn, highlighting his unwavering commitment to advancing the vital conservation work he has been passionately engaged in throughout his illustrious, multi-decade career.

The Timeless Collection is a profound reflection of natural systems and the passage of time. Each sculpture of an endangered species is framed by an elliptical structure which encapsulates two central themes: the Earth and the continuum of time, reminiscent of the dial of a timeless timekeeping device. Evocatively designed, the spherical presence of the planet encircles the central sculpture, which possesses the unique ability to rotate 360 degrees, ensuring an all-encompassing viewing experience from any vantage point.

Conceptually, the composition encapsulates an endangered animal as the "light," symbolising the essential elements of life, passing through the ellipse and spherical space. Essentially, Winterburn's art epitomises the interplay between the existence of animals and the human experience, illuminating the profound interconnectedness of the two realms. Notably, the initial creation from the collection, a striking turtle sculpture, underscores the powerful resonance of Winterburn's artistry which has already been acquired for £20,000.

Beneath the surface of each captivating sculpture lies a profound devotion to the cause of conservation. Winterburn's illustrious career has seen him journey across the globe, actively participating in various conservation projects, including a rescue sea turtle project with Sir David Attenborough. For the artist, the essence of his work lies in firsthand encounters with wildlife and ecosystems, translating these experiences into captivating works of art.

Expressing his vision, Winterburn emphasises: "My primary mission is to bridge the realms of art and conservation, channeling resources for these crucial causes."

Elaborating on his philosophy, he highlights various initiatives such as art donations, collaborative exhibitions, and the commitment of a portion of the proceeds from the collection sales to charitable endeavours. Winterburn adds, "Wherever we encounter animals, they infuse our lives with vitality and illuminate our existence."

In essence, Winterburn's art serves as a captivating conduit, inviting the audience to contemplate the precarious beauty of our natural world, perpetually threatened by human activity.

"The Timeless Collection" is not just a display of artistic finesse but a poignant reminder of the fleeting fragility of our environment.

Notes to Editor:

Steve Winterburn primarily operates from his family-run studio and foundry, Yorkshire Fine Arts in Hull.

Winterburn's sustained dedication to conservation has earned him a prestigious role as a trustee and patron on the board of the Big Cat Sanctuary, an organisation he has been actively supporting for over two decades. His contributions have included donating fixed percentages of the sale of collection pieces, particularly his notable big cat sculptures, to the Big Cat Sanctuary.

As for The Timeless Collection, Winterburn and the Yorkshire Fine Arts team have announced plans for three varying-sized ellipses, emphasising the unlimited potential that the collection embodies. Notably, the sculptures will be crafted primarily from bronze for the subject, the animal sculpture, with stainless steel complementing the rest of the structure.