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Birmingham Student Safa Bibi Awarded Life-Changing Scholarship

Birmingham Student Safa Bibi Awarded Life-Changing Scholarship

SAFA Bibi, a resident of Small Heath, Birmingham, is set to embark on an exciting educational journey thanks to the Millennium Point Charitable Trust Scholarship. After an extensive selection process, Safa emerged as the deserving recipient of a fully funded degree at Birmingham City University (BCU). 

Safa's academic journey began at South and City College, Birmingham, where she studied Applied Science. Her passion for the world of computing ignited during secondary school, fueled by the inspiring speeches of women in STEM. The Millennium Point Charitable Trust Scholarship enabled her to fulfil her dream of studying Computer Science at BCU, which started this September. Her journey also underlines the importance of gender and racial equality in the field, serving as a beacon of hope for young women pursuing careers in STEM by breaking through traditional stereotypes.

The Millennium Point Charitable Trust Scholarship, in partnership with Birmingham City University's Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and the Built Environment, generously funds tuition fees for an undergraduate degree. The faculty offers a wide variety of courses spanning computing, digital technology, and engineering.

Safa is the ninth recipient of this esteemed scholarship, which has already supported remarkable individuals from the region in pursuing their degrees, including last year's recipient, Hatem Kesseir, who is currently studying Computer Science at BCU.

This year, a distinguished panel of judges, comprising Abbie Vlahakis (CEO of Millennium Point), Hanifa Shah (Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of Birmingham City University), Asima Adnan (a previous scholarship winner), and Mike Ridler (ElevationX), undertook the challenging task of selecting the scholarship recipient.

Although only one candidate emerged as the winner, finalists Abigail Guest, Henrikas Varanauskas, and Ryjhorn Weekes received laptops to support their educational endeavours as well as invitations to workshops that provide invaluable interview and presentation tutorship.

“The award has given me the confidence to aim for greater accomplishments and impact” - Safa Bibi

Safa said: “Winning this scholarship has given me a sense of recognition beyond just my family and friends and the confidence to achieve more. I hope that this will inspire other women and ethnic minorities, and encourage them to pursue scholarships and STEM roles, which will create a more diverse and inclusive STEM community." 

Abbie Vlahakis, CEO of Millennium Point and head judge, continued: “STEM holds immense significance, not just for our local community but also for the broader UK economy. In this digital climate, STEM skills have become essential in virtually every industry, making it crucial for us to encourage more young individuals to pursue careers in these fields and help them build bright and successful futures.

“We believe in the power of education to transform lives, and Safa’s selection as the recipient of the Millennium Point Charitable Trust Scholarship emphasises our commitment to empowering young talents. We are proud to support Safa on her educational journey and excited to see her dreams come to fruition."

The Millennium Point Charitable Trust Scholarship stands as one of the flagship initiatives of the Trust. Last year, it reinvested £4.3 million of commercial profits from the iconic Millennium Point public building into projects, events, and initiatives that foster the growth of STEM education and industry in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands.

The Millennium Point Charitable Trust consistently collaborates with Birmingham City University, jointly funding an undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and the Built Environment, spanning over 20 different courses in the computing, digital technology, engineering, and the built environment sector. Their mission is to unlock the potential of individuals across the region in STEM.

The partnership between Millennium Point and Birmingham City University is more than just a scholarship - it's a gateway to a promising future in STEM.

For those interested in the 2024 Scholarship programme, further information on how to apply or get involved can be found


About Millennium Point:

Opened in 2001, Millennium Point is the largest landmark millennium project in England, outside of London. Inside, it is home to unique event spaces including a 350-capacity auditorium, flexible workspaces, meeting rooms and offices, and tenants, including Thinktank and Birmingham City University (BCU). 

Situated opposite the new HS2 Curzon Street Station, Millennium Point and the Millennium Point Trust champion and facilitate meetings and partnerships between businesses, educators and the next generation of STEM leaders across the region.

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