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AR Power Furnishes Dunelm Stores with Solar Installations

 AR Power Furnishes Dunelm Stores with Solar Installations

Advanced Renewable Power (AR Power), a leading solar panel installation company based in Washington, has won a substantial national contract with Dunelm Stores, a major retail chain.


Dunelm Stores is a well-established national retail chain in the UK, offering a wide range of home furnishings and decor products. The new partnership marks a significant step forward in Dunelm's commitment to sustainability, and AR Power is excited to play a pivotal role in the project.


AR Power, founded by the dynamic husband-and-wife team of Mark and Maria Dunville in 2011, has steadily grown to become a renowned installer of commercial and industrial solar energy systems. Their dedication and excellence in the field have recently been recognised with the North East Solar PV Installer of the Year Award, and they recently represented the region in the national finals in Birmingham.


Under the terms of this contract, AR Power will be responsible for the installation of solar panels at multiple Dunelm Stores locations across the country. The aim is to support Dunelm's sustainability goals by harnessing clean and renewable solar energy. In total, AR Power will install 2,526 solar panels, providing a combined capacity of 1.35 megawatts (MW) of clean energy. The company will manage every aspect of the project, from initial consultations to the commissioning of each system, ensuring a seamless and high-quality installation process with minimal disruption to store operations. AR Power is poised to kick off the installation process with Swansea as the first site.


Mark Dunville, co-founder of AR Power, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Dunelm Stores to advance their sustainability efforts through solar energy. Our team is fully committed to delivering top-tier solar installations, and we look forward to helping Dunelm reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our company's dedication to safety, efficiency, and the highest quality standards will ensure that this project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of Dunelm Stores."


Chris Balmer, Operations Director for AR Power, added, "This contract with Dunelm Stores exemplifies our mission to make renewable energy solutions accessible and impactful for businesses across the UK. We are excited to begin this journey and are confident that our expertise will drive the success of this project."


AR Power's partnership with Dunelm Stores is a testament to the company's dedication to promoting clean energy and sustainability on a national scale. This collaboration will not only benefit Dunelm but also contribute to a greener and more environmentally responsible future for all.




Photo: Mark and Chris at a Dunelm Store (The Bigger Picture) 07814 397951