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2023. expands podcast series

PRESS RELEASE expands podcast series to include two new technology subcategories has extended its series ofYour Voice is Amplifiedpodcast episodes as part of the Technology category marketing push. a leading digital business directory focused on supporting the creative industry through organic technology, is excited to announce the expansion of itsYour Voice is Amplifiedpodcast series with the addition of two new technology subcategories. Following the successful launch of the MedTech subcategory in August 2022, which covered groundbreaking topics including Psilocybin's potential in treating depression and the latest scientific research impacting Covid-19 vaccine development underpinning medical device development, the latter sponsored by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) and the Portobello Business Centre, both in London, UK, the Technology category podcast will now extend its reach to include Transportation Technology and Tech Entertainment.

The Your Voice is Amplified podcastformat delves into the world of science, technology creators, and investors behind product launches and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) innovations. The podcast via the addition of the new subcategories aims to bring the latest developments and insights to a broader audience, capturing the essence of the technology industry's dynamic landscape.

The first set of Transportation Technology podcast episodes uncover the latest technologies used to create green transportation, from hybrid wind and electric cars to vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cell technology, whilst the initial Tech Entertainment episodes feature engaging content that cleverly references pop culture icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Latino superstar Chayanne, providing a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and entertainment.'s commitment to social responsibility and organic technologyis evident in its collaboration with the RBKC Health Equalities programme in 2022. The company's contributions to applied research and targeted public engagement initiatives showcased its dedication to supporting and successfully reaching hard-to-reach consumers and residents. Noteworthy achievements during the campaign included robust data gathering and analysis, identifying new public engagement opportunities - (Covid vaccinations) as earmarked by the JCVI, and refining NHS public health messaging for radio, digital and press advertising, culminating in the company picking up the coveted Community Anchor Recognition Award.

The term "Organic technology," coined by, signifies the use of technology to educate, inform, and motivate business leaders working towards positive change in the world. In the face of Artificial Intelligence, remains at the forefront of promoting ethical technology, extending its support to the hospitality, travel, leisure, and creative sectors.

The collective's recent efforts to spread awareness about socially aware technology through edtech commercealigns with its long-term goal of addressing the potential impact of artificial intelligence on human income and welfare within the creative sector and the hospitality, travel, and leisure industry. 

"We strongly advocate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) together with Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), and believe it's our duty to support brands that strive to make a positive change, aligning with their workforce and corporate goals holistically,"said an executive at

In summary, emphasizes its priorities as follows:

  • Reinforcing the creative industry's workforce through communications, public engagement, and educational initiatives.
  • Identifying ethical AI solutions for organisations.
  • Developing proprietary techniques, models, and options for responsible AI usage in the creative industry and hospitality, travel and leisure sectors.
  • Disseminating news, organic technology™ solutions, and strategic research findings through the Your Voice is Amplified podcast and the wider Business Directory, featuring micro influencers, media personalities, industry specialists, and opinion formers. 

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Founded in July 2005, is a digital business directory that leverages its knowledge-based sales and advertising platform to support businesses in the creative industry through organic technology. The company collaborates closely with luxury hospitality, travel, and leisure brands that underpin the creative services sector, driving positive change through technology. For more information, visit the collective link below.

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