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This will be your last Cuffing Season and Christmas all alone!

This will be your last Cuffing Season and Christmas all alone!

Dating Coach opens doors to online dating academy so you find your Life Partner once and for all


        Dating isn't about trends like Cuffing Season, it's about people genuinely trying to find connection and a life partner to share their life with. Expert help is at hand with the  Get Your Love Story Started 6 Week Challenge  starting on Sept 26th.

        Many people are feeling lonely, as a single person this loneliness can feel even worse during the festive seasons (Bridget Jones springing to mind?)

        Watching fireworks on Bonfire Night with no one to cuddle into.

        Another year of Christmas dinners having to answer the inevitable "Still not found anyone then?"

        New Year's party when you look around at midnight and realise you are the only one with no one to kiss and make wishes with for the coming year.

        Working with a Dating Coach now in as little as 6 weeks will change your mindset to being open to dating and enjoying it! 

        I've had clients find their life partners within 12 weeks of working with me.

        Join the next group intake starting September 26th

        £195 for 6 weeks weekly group coaching calls and an easy to follow online dating course, with me, Eimear Draper your personal wing woman (AKA The Straight Talking Dating Coach).

        Just in time to take advantage of all the opportunities to meet people IRL at Christmas parties.


Nesta, the UK's innovations agency for social changes shared that "loneliness affects almost a quarter of the UK population. Many studies demonstrate the link between loneliness and poor physical and mental health. Loneliness can increase your overall risk of death by 26% "

The lonely woman during the festive season a la Bridget Jones has become something to be laughed at and pitied. However, men are also struggling with loneliness with suicide rates just over twice as high for men as for women (WHO 2019 global rate for women 5.4 deaths per 100,000 for men 12.6 per 100,000)

As humans we all have an innate need for connection and intimacy, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or age.

However, people looking for meaningful connections are feeling lost and overwhelmed in today's dating field.

Tinder, the most popular dating app in the world has been around for 11 years (having launched Sept 12th 2012). There are 5 million users in the UK, all looking for connection at some level. Tinder is just one of the 1,400 dating apps available in the UK.  This shows the scale of the issue of people stuck in a dating system that is failing them.

This is where Kindling Dating Coaching comes in, with the  Get Your Love Story Started 6 Week Challenge ( with the next cohort starting on September 26th.

In as little as 6 weeks people are guided through reframing dating in their minds so it is a positive experience. Giving practical tips and tricks to dating online and seeking out in person opportunities to meet people.

A couple of client success stories:

-         Woman in 30's who gave up on dating apps and met her now husband on holiday 5 months after completing the 6 week challenge

-         Gay woman in her 50's who has met her life partner 12 weeks after starting to work with me

-         Woman in her 40's who met her life partner within the 6 weeks of challenge, second person she dated from Tinder!


Eimear Draper, known as The Straight Talking Dating Coach, empowers singles to be confident daters, truly open to letting love in and armed with positive habits to put them in the driving seat rather than waiting for things to happen to them.

She is passionate about getting people unstuck in their romantic lives by igniting their confidence with a deep-rooted belief that they will find their person. She empowering them with positive actions to get to their happy healthy relationship.


Kindling Dating Coaching is the new way of dating, putting the focus back on the person so they are confident and ready to date.


(Eimear Draper, your Dating Coach) 



For further information contact:

Eimear Draper



Notes to editors:

        Founded by Eimear Draper in 2022

        Kindling Dating are on a mission to end loneliness two people at a time

        Born out of personal experience, having beaten the algorithms to find my husband through Tinder. Knowing how hard it is for singles to meet someone I feel we need to do something to help.