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Cranbrook manager completes the biggest half marathon in the world

13 September 2023

Cranbrook manager completes the biggest half marathon in the world

A co-operative store manager braved the scorching heat to complete the Great North Run to raise money for a charity close to his and his wife's heart - the Miscarriage Association.

On Sunday 10 September, Paul Richards, from Taunton, completed the 13.1-mile run in just three hours.

Paul's motivation for taking part in the run comes from a desire to give back to the charity which has helped him and his wife through the heartache of three miscarriages.

Paul, Store Manager at The Co‑operative Food in Cranbrook, Younghayes Road, said: "I chose to do this run as my wife and I have experienced three miscarriages, so it's a charity really close to our hearts. I also did it for every family that has to go through such heartache.

"The charity Miscarriage Association, which isn't funded by the NHS, gave us a little knitted butterfly. They just support as much as they can. The helpline was incredible.

"They helped me lots. I hit rock bottom. They got me out of a dark hole and my wife."

The Great North Run, held for the 42nd time, saw approximately 60,000 runners following the traditional route from Newcastle through Gateshead to South Shields.

Despite the scorching conditions during the run, Paul maintained his determination and crossed the finish line with a smile.

Paul raised more than £1,000 for the Miscarriage Association.

Paul said: "I love to run but that's the biggest thing I have done. It was very painful. During the run it was so hot, the organisers of the run were warning people. I ran it but I paced myself. It was an amazing experience and I was still smiling at the end of it."

Paul and his wife are now expecting a baby boy on December 20.

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