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41348 Petersham Hotel

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August 2023



Petersham Hotel


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Situated in Richmond, Surrey and overlooking the River Thames, thePetersham Hotel's Tower suite has been refurbished to ensure that visitors enjoy the very best bathroom experience! Tile and stone protection expertSchlüter-Systemswas on hand to provide a level entry system solution.

A popular destination for weddings and other grand events, the hotel is renowned for its second-to-none hospitality and luxurious guest experience. A main aim of the bathroom project was to ensure the use of a full system from a single manufacturer for warranty guarantees and the creation of a seamless and simple solution. This is where Schlüter's expertise came in as the company designed and installed a full waterproofing system and underfloor heating throughout the bathroom floor. The walls were prepared with the popular tile backerboardSchlüter-KERDI-BOARD. Using this substrate alongside sealing productsSchlüter-KERDI-KERECKandSchlüter-KERDI-COLLmade easy work of creating a tanked waterproofing system. Electric underfloor heating systemSchlüter-DITRA-HEATwas installed throughout the floor. In the shower area, the U-shaped profileSchlüter-DECO-SGaided in the sleek addition of a glass shower screen without penetrating the waterproofing components. This meant that style and substance were both achieved effortlessly.

Alongside using many products which make a notable difference beneath the tiles, one of Schlüter's shelves in brushed stainless steel adds a finishing touch within the shower area. Matching this shelf with linear drain grateSchlüter-KERDI-LINEin the CURVE design means there is a feeling of uniformity within the fixtures. These two elements also pair perfectly with the textured dark grey tiles to allow for subtlety and style.

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Editor's note


Schlüter-Systems is the largest and most innovative manufacturer of system solutions for the function, protection and decoration of tile and natural stone in the world. The advantage of specifying Schlüter-Systems is the opportunity to utilise the wealth of experience gained over the last 30 years in the UK providing integrated system solutions. The levels of service, quality and training are second to none in the market today. Target sectors in the UK are the bathroom designer and installer, developer, contractor, architect and specifier. 


Founded in Germany in the 1960s, Schlüter-Systems invented edge profiles for tiles over 50 years ago when company founder and master tiler Werner Schlüter introduced the industry to Schlüter®-SCHIENE. Today, the company offers a complete range of floor and wall profiles, providing edge protection, decoration & function.


In 1987, Schlüter-Systems went on to develop uncoupling membranes with the introduction of the revolutionary Schlüter®-DITRA. Today, it is a tried, tested and trusted waterproofing and uncoupling CE Marked system.


The Schlüter®-KERDI range features waterproofing membrane KERDI-200 and waterproof backerboard KERDI-BOARD, providing waterproofing options for both substrate building and existing substrates.


The company has also designed an integrated wetroom system that can be used in showers, bathrooms and changing rooms. It provides guaranteed waterproofing and drainage that work together in one solution, ensuring the water only goes where it should. In addition, a range of underfloor heating systems (electric and hydronic) has been developed to provide unique solutions for both new-build and refurbishment projects. The approach proves how combining heating, uncoupling, crack bridging and screed assemblies into a single system from one supplier saves time, money and materials.


The company also offers Intelligent lighting combined with first class profile technology - LIPROTEC. There is a choice of indirect or direct light which, combined with Schlüter's profile technology, allows the highlighting of curtain walls and illumination stairways, foyers, bathrooms and much more.


Finally, Schlüter-Systems provides solutions to ensure weather extremes do not cause damage to external tile and stone coverings or to the fabric of the building. Through the use of their balcony and terrace solutions, internal and external environments can flow seamlessly in order to achieve a lasting, protected installation.