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Sleep and shelter with Snugpak - Press Release



23rd August 2023




Sleep and shelter with Snugpak

Hammocks and shelters for every environment


Snugpak is the UK's leading sleeping bag and insulated clothing manufacturer, and their range of hammocks, hammock insulation, and tarp shelters offer comfort, protection and super light pack weights for outdoor adventurers, regardless of weather or temperature.


TheSnugpak Tropical Hammock(SRP £57.00)is strong and lightweight, using parachute nylon with triple nylon stitched seams to ensure durability. The hammock's Suspension Attachment System is constructed from "550" paracord, with spaced out knots allowing for various attachment points and distances from the tree. The System allows the user to run a loop around the desired tree, then attach to the knotted section using the supplied steel carabiners to achieve the desired length and height when setting up. The Hammock includes guy ropes and tree protectors, which all packs into the supplied stuff sack, and is available in Olive colour.

TheSnugpak Jungle Hammock(SRP £75.00)adds to the features of the Tropical Hammock, with a built-in mosquito net made from 1000 mesh per square inch polyester, for reliable protection from midges and other flying insects when out in the woods. the Jungle Hammock is available in Olive colour.






Snugpak offers hammock insulation systems to keep you warm whilst sleeping.


TheSnugpak Hammock Quilt(SRP £59.00)is designed to keep you warm and comfortable. It features a section for your feet and insulated flaps to tuck down each side to ensure it stays in place all night long. The Quilt is made of Travelsoft insulation which has excellent insulation properties to keep you warm all night and antibacterial properties to stop odours and keep it fresh for longer.

You can combine the quilt with theSnugpak Hammock Underblanket(SRP £70.00)for a complete insulated shell around your body. The Underblanket is a clever innovation to avoid losing heat from under the blanket, it fits snugly to the outside of the hammock and insulates from cold winds to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.


TheSnugpak Hammock Cocoon(SRP £102.00)is an all-in-one wrap around insulated system which fits most hammocks. The Cocoon fully encases the hammock trapping warm air in the hammock and the full-length zip allows for easy access in and out of the hammock.





Snugpak's All Weather Shelter G2(SRP £81.00)is a rhombus shaped 3x x 3m tarp shelter that offers versatile protection from the elements thanks to its taped seams and waterproof polyester rip-stop. The shelter can be configured as a traditional diamond-shaped tarp, Fly, Lean-to Shelter, as well as other free-standing shelter designs. It comes with four extendable guy lines and eight alloy tent pegs making it ideal as an emergency shelter for group activities and wild camping.


A lighter (370g) and smaller (163cm x 244cm) version of the All-Weather Shelter, the Stasha G2(RRP £57.00) offers an ultra-lightweight shelter with a minimal small pack size that can be stashed away in a pocket making it completely portable. The Stasha features looped webbing and grommets in each corner, so it can be staked out or attached with four guy ropes, which are also provided, allowing it to be configured in a different number of ways. The shelter has plastic snaps down two opposite sides, allowing it to be folded into an improvised bivvi.


Visit the Snugpak website tofind out more about their range ofsheltersandhammocksor about their complete range ofoutdoor clothing and equipment.



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