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Dog Rescue Charity K-9 Angels Announces Eamonn Holmes OBE as Patron

Eamonn Holmes OBE Joins Sue Barker CBE as Patron of Dog Rescue
Charity K-9 Angels


Legendary TV presenter Eammon Holmes OBE has joined Sue Barker CBE as a Patron for 100% volunteer dog rescue charity K-9 Angels. He also joins S Club 7 singer and song writer Jo O'Meara who is the charities celebrity ambassador. 


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Eamonn met the charity co founders Victoria and Pola 10 years ago and have attended events together over the years including a charity event at Downing Street. Eammon recently hosted the K-9 Angels 10thanniversary event. 

Eamonn says;

"I am truly honoured that Victoria and Pola asked me to become a patron with Sue. I met them initially at a charity event and I was immediately impressed with their dedication and drive for rescuing abused and abandoned dogs.

They have rescued and rehomed over 1,200 dogs since they launched 10 years ago -  finding them perfect forever homes.  They take spay and neutering very seriously as this makes a huge difference to the overseas dog population where dogs can be left on the streets to die or taken into terrible dog shelters..... imagine a dog with no food, no love, no walks..... people are doing what they can of course however much more needs to be done.

Dogs have a very special place in my heart as I know they do with us all in the UK - and my dog Maggie has helped get me through some difficult times too.

Every dog deserves a loving forever home and I will do all what I can to be the best patron possible to this fantastic 100% volunteer charity. I thank all of their wonderful supporters, donators and of course the supporters who step up to take a rescued dog into their hearts and home."

Co founder Victora Featherstone Pearce says;

"We are delighted that we have the support of 3 household names - all are equally as passionate about dogs and helping to give every dog the wonderful home it deserves.

Eammon is passionate about dogs and has a rescue dog Maggie, Sue gave a forever home to the amazing Batty (Biaatu) who sadly has since passed away.  Jo now has a K-9 Angels rescue dog - Cece (who can sing!) and despite Jo being petrified of heights she even did a wing walk to raise funds for us recently."

"We cannot thank Eammon, Sue and Jo enough - it's all about the dogs for us!!"

Sue Barker adds;

"He was 8 years old... 5 years on the streets before being rounded up by the dog catchers... K-9 angels rescued him thankfully but then he was sitting there for 3 years waiting for a home. We couldn't resist his story... we wanted to give him a chance...we wanted to give him a home.

The first evening he crawled into my husband's tennis bag as he didn't know where to sleep [or hide]... it was heartbreaking.

We had a rescue cocker spaniel called Charlie who showed him the ropes and he became the most loving dog.

We had 6 glorious years with Batty [as we couldn't pronounce Biaatu].

He wasn't the prettiest dog but he had the biggest heart of any dog we've owned and has left a huge hole in our hearts when he passed away in 2021.

Thank you K-9 Angels for allowing us to love Batty and give us 6 amazing years with this most loving and loyal boy! We miss you Bats!!"



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Below is more information about the charity and comments from the co founders.  Victoria is available for interviews. 


  • Re homed over 1,200 dogs to date, many dogs had been starved, burnt, maned & now have happy healthy lives in the UK.


  • Spayed and neutered over 2,000 dogs to date preventing millions of puppies from suffering needlessly 


  • Raised over near to £1M. We are now in our 11th year.


  • Funded a shelter build in Romania that houses 110 dogs and vet facility.


  • Attended and fronted many peaceful protests and demos.


  • Regularly attend celeb events to raise awareness and spread the word about rescue dogs.


  • UK school education tour to teach children responsible pet care.


  • Regular meetings in parliament to try and change legislation and laws regarding puppy farms.


  • Sue Barker CBE adopted a dog through k-9 Angels then became a patron.


  • Simon Cowell gave a huge shout out for K-9 Angels on Britain's Got Talent.


  • Ricky Gervais retweeted for the charity helping them raise enough money to feed 700 shelter of dogs for a year.


Co founder model and actress Victoria Featherstone Pearce says;


"Our aim now as a charity is focus more on our spay and neuter campaign as this is the most effective way to end the suffering of stray dogs. By sterilising just one bitch & her offspring within 6 years could have had up to 67,000 puppies!


Born to live a short miserable life surviving on the streets. Many die & only the lucky ones are rescued & rehomed." 

Co founderPola Pospieszalska, musician and singersays; 


"Funds are very difficult to raise right now because of the after effects od Covid 19 and K-9 Angels cannot get a government grant. We rely on public donations to help the dogs, we are all volunteers so every penny we raise goes directly to help dogs in desperate need.


In terms of adoptions say we aim to work with UK charities to help rehome UK dogs as there's a huge problem here but our spay campaign, sending aid, food, medical & building shelters is what we aim to do in Romania."


Photo credit @shanefinnphotography