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Bliss of London Introduces New Fairuza Bridle

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18th July 2023


Bliss of London Introduces New Fairuza Bridle

Bliss of London, a leading manufacturer of equestrian products, has unveiled its new bridle providing the ultimate in comfort and performance for dressage horses.  The Fairuza Bridle was developed in collaboration with Paralympic dressage rider Roberta Sheffield and named after her horse.

"I absolutely love this bridle", says Bert Sheffield.  "Fairuza is happiest without a noseband so the challenge was to replicate her preferences in a BD/FEI legal bridle, and it worked!  This is not another anatomical bridle with even more padding; it is a totally different concept and I believe it helps her feel softer and more elastic in her body as well as helping us achieve a quieter, more harmonious contact."

The Fairuza Bridle has been intelligently designed to remove pressure from the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) area of the lower jaw, the upper teeth, main facial nerves, and soft tissues of the cheeks.  Studies have shown that many dressage horses have lesions on the inside of their cheeks consistent with the position of the cavesson noseband.  The clever padding design of the Fairuza noseband lifts it off these sensitive areas, removing the lateral pressure that can cause discomfort for the horse. Removing the buckles from the side and releasing the pressure on the face can make a big difference to comfort and results. 

Handcrafted in Walsall, England, the Fairuza bridle is hand-stitched with high-quality English leather and is layered with uniquely different densities of padding to provide maximum comfort and support.

The company emphasizes that, unlike many other bridles, the Fairuza is not designed to create even pressure.  "Different tissues feel pressures differently, it has been enlightening working with individual riders and horses to see how removing pressure totally can make such a difference. As with all equipment on the market not everything has the same effect for every horse, they are all individuals.", explains Nikki Newcombe, SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter and CEO of Bliss of London.  

"The Fairuza Bridle is the perfect blend of comfort and performance," adds Nikki. "It is the most comfortable bridle on the market, and it is also FEI legal. We are confident that the Fairuza Bridle will become the go-to bridle for dressage riders of all levels."

The Fairuza Bridle is available with or without a flash, and in a double.  Riders are being offered a free trial to introduce the new concept.

Bliss of London was founded in 2005 and their products are designed to provide the highest level of comfort and performance for horses and riders. The company's products are made with high-quality materials and are handcrafted in England.

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YouTube video available: The NEW Bliss of London Fairuza Bridle, By Roberta Sheffield - YouTube

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