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Burial ground creates a place for growing through grief

28 April 2023

Burial ground creates a place for growing through grief

Colleagues at a burial ground in The Wirral have set up a new way for people in the community to grieve - by creating life in their new vegetable patch.

The idea came from a free coffee morning which is held at Mayfields Woodland Burial Ground to help anyone who has experienced bereavement and for finding comfort by sharing their experiences.

The gatherings have brought together people at the site in Eastham and a plan was hatched to create a vegetable patch on the grounds.

Thanks to the grounds team and some help from local businesses, they have now started to sow seeds consisting of carrots, onions, potatoes and other vegetables. One of the coffee morning members has even had a go at planting large sunflowers.

Yvonne Parry, Team Leader at Mayfields Woodland Burial Ground, said: "This is a work in progress at the moment and people are starting to take an interest. We hope that this is a place where, not just our coffee morning guests, but anyone in our local community who expresses interest, can come along and have a go.

"It helps people come together, give them something to focus on and is great for the children."

Yvonne's little boy Jack, aged four, has been studying the stages of the life cycle of plants and has planted his very own seeds. He comes every week to watch them grow and then explains to the class in tapestry time every week and shows some photos. 

The coffee mornings also continue to be held on the first Wednesday of every month at the grounds in Ferry Road, Eastham, CH62 0DB.

Mayfields Woodland Burial Ground is set on the south bank of the River Mersey in beautifully rural surroundings against a backdrop of established woodland.

Last year Mayfields Woodland Burial Ground became part of Southern Co-op which also offers a free Bereavement Care service to people living near its funeral care branches or burial grounds.

To find out more, contact Mayfields Woodland Burial Ground on 01513 272360 or visit

For more information on Bereavement Care and the help available, visit