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Tech startup Ltd. has announced a $5,000 bounty and job offer for any budding prompt engineer who has figured out how to get the most out of AI chatbots. recently opened its platform to give users free access to an innovative suite of AI services via messenger or WebApp, including to disrupt the way people use search engines by creating a dynamic, seamless and source-based experience.

Available in English, German and Italian, users can also receive images from the AI via messenger by simply inputting a text description.

The WebApp includes an editor mode where users can customise search prompts. If they choose to share their best prompts on public platforms using the hashtag #yoursearch, the platform has pledged to confer a $5,000 reward as well as a job offer should the prompt be used on

This comes amidst a wave of communities online springing up devoted to unlocking the power of AI prompts by sharing tips and secrets.

On, the search query can be entered inside the WebApp or native messenger, with the chatbot then working to sift through the best Google results with the aid of ChatGPT. The answer is produced as a text answer, including the sources of where the results were found.

Founder of and serial entrepreneur Dr Can said: “I believe we do something different, and in the process put the power back into the hands of the users.

“Your search results on our platform are well sourced, transparent and ultimately allow you to continually adjust the parameters to find the best results. We really want to see users getting the most out of, and this is why there’s a reward and a job offer waiting for the one power user who can probably teach us all something about AI.”

In commitment to the cause, Dr Can has further relinquished 60% of his profits and voting rights as a sole shareholder in order for it to be distributed directly back to the users and linked website creators.

“We’re at the cusp of a knowledge revolution and I believe can be a part of that. Our platform offers free summaries of news, for example, including automatically translated foreign language media outlets,” he continued.

“It’s ad-free, so the top results will never be a series of tangentially related websites, and there will never be a decision to stifle innovation from the user’s end. At we believe AI is the reckoning of a future nearly here with users at the forefront.”

Company Info

The startup company Ltd. was founded in March 2023 in Cyprus by Dr. jur. Can Ansay, who also lives in Cyprus as a managing director. Ltd. launched the AI products and in German and English that are based on ChatGPT and are targeted at replacing Google Search and soon Google News.

Bio of Founder/CEO

A person standing on a boat

Description automatically generated with low confidenceDr. jur. Can Ansay was born in 1977 in Hamburg, Germany, the son of a law professor and a doctor. Already as a child he was fascinated by software and wrote his first programs early in life. By the end of the 90's, he was working as a web designer in addition to his law studies until the dotcom bubble burst.

He gave up his job as a lawyer after a transformative experience in 2012. When several doctors could not diagnose his symptoms, a symptom checker online gave him the correct diagnosis immediately and free of charge. He then worked with programmers to develop his own symptom checker using explainable artificial intelligence.

In 2015 he founded a company to produce and market virtual reality glasses and software for smartphones. Since 2018, he has been fully focused on eHealth products and lived in Silicon Valley for several months.

October 2018 saw him move to find a company in Germany with just €5,000 to offer end users online doctors notes for paid sick leave via WhatsApp. Just two months later, the service was successfully launched and immediately onboarded over 80 paying patients each day, in large part due to an enthusiastic media response.

A year later, he launched the same service in France to huge media attention for the launch of the start-up, even featuring on numerous TV channels and seeing televised comment from the French Prime Minister.

In 2021, he launched the AI bot "TheraFee", which shows the best individualised therapy options.

Dr. jur. Can Ansay is also a social entrepreneur and civil rights activist. Thus in the summer of 2021, he invented online Covid-19 self-test certificates that have been used free of charge millions of times. The number of daily users increased from about 10,000 to about 50,000 in one day, which was the largest relative increase of users in the history of the Internet. The record had previously been held by Instagram with an increase of about 25,000 users.

In order to protest against the unfounded vaccination compulsion by the German government, he then invented the free Email Mass Petitions at the end of 2021, which legally paralysed the Ministry of Health as media reported.

In the summer of 2022, he started the first legal online store for cannabis flowers in Europe as a platform for pharmacies.

He is only interested in services with an extremely good effort-benefit ratio.

Since February 2023, he has therefore been concentrating solely on leading the AI revolution in conjunction with the Web 3.0 revolution, which is intended to shift the power of the big tech companies into the hands of the users.

In March 2023, he launched chatbots in German and English within a few days that are based on Chat GPT and are targeted at replacing Google Search and Google News.