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Camp snug this Easter with Snugpak




15March 2023



Camp snug this Easter with Snugpak!

A range of camping, sleeping and travel accessories for all the family


If you're taking the family out on a camping adventure or two this Easter, Snugpak,the leading UK-based manufacturer of sleeping bags, tents, and outdoor clothing and equipment, hasgot you covered. They have a range of sleeping solutions and camping accessories to keep you snug and warm, no matter what the great British weather throws at you.


The Basecamp Range

Snugpak's Basecamp range of sleeping bags cater for every need, from those new to the whole camping experience, to those wanting to brave the more extreme ends of the UK's temperatures.

The Nautilus (RRP £37.00) is the ideal introduction to Snugpak's sleeping bag range. Its simple design makes it ideal for younger campers or those with less experience. It's a chunky, cosy and comfortable bag with a Supersoft lining that's soft to the touch and which provides considerable warmth. The Nautilus has a comfort rating of 3°C / 37°Fand is available in Emerald Green (pictured) or Olive colours.





TheNavigator (RRP £45.00) can be opened up fully and used as a versatile square quilt; it's perfect for enjoying general camping and when using a car to carry your kit around. Once again, it has a soft-to-the-touch Supersoft lining, its elasticated drawcord-adjustable hood and insulated shoulder baffle will keep you warm and cosy, and it's supplied with a compression sack for easy compact carrying. The Navigator has a comfort range of -2°C / 28°F and is available in Sapphire Blue (pictured) or Olive colours.


The Sleeping Bag (RRP £45.00) is identical to the Navigator - the only difference is its mummy shape, which is designed to retain body heat. Made to the same high standards as the rest of the Basecamp range, The Sleeping Bag is tailor-made for those exhilarating experiences away from the city lights and out in the night and the environment. The Sleeping Bag has a comfort range of -2°C / 28°F and is available in Red (pictured) or Olive colours.

TheSleeper Lite (RRP £60.00 - £63.00) is the perfect step up from the Sleeping Bag or Navigator, a lightweight performance sleeping bag providing lots of warmth in a compact pack size. Robust and durable, and featuring sort-touch siliconised synthetic insulation, the Sleeper Lite has a comfort range of -5°C / 23°F, and is available in Purple, Olive and Terrain colour schemes.




If you're looking for that extra level of warmth, the Sleeper Extreme (RRP £67.00 - £70.00) is the bag for you. Ideal for those colder nights, the Sleeper Extreme features a silky soft-touch Aqualight outer fabric and a mummy shape for heat retention, and is the perfect introduction to Snugpak's performance range. The Sleeper Extreme has a comfort range of -7°C / 19°F, and is available in Black (pictured), Olive and Terrain colour schemes.



The Basecamp Explorer (RRP £37.00)is the perfect kid's sleeping bag.Useful for a whole array of situations, including camping trips in late spring and throughout the summer or sleepovers with friends, the square shape of the Basecamp Explorer creates more room to ensure kids stay comfortable throughout the night. The Explorer is multifunctional, unzipping entirely to become a lightweight insulated quilt, and has the same Supersoft lining and Isofibre insulation as Snugpak's adult range. The Basecamp Exploreris available in Blue (pictured), Purple, and Terrain colour schemes.

Softie Expansion Range

The Softie Expansion (RRP £110 to £150) range of sleeping bags feature the unique EEP (Elasticated Expander Panel) expansion system. The EEP allows the user to make the bag wider when required, to give more room to move or to help cool the bag, thus enabling the regulation of body heat for a more comfortable night's sleep. Available in a range of comfort options - from the Softie Expansion 2 with a comfort rating of2°C / 36°F, right down to the Softie Expansion 5's comfort rating of -15°C / 5°F - all models feature Snugpak's Softie® Insulation, adjustable length via foot shorting clips, a built-in LED torch, an internal valuables pocket, and an incredibly soft thermal suede foot lining.


Sleeping mats


Once you've chosen your ideal Snugpak sleeping bag, you can guarantee a good night's sleep with theSelf-Inflating Maxi Mat (RRP £65.00). This full-length thermal sleeping mat is super easy to inflate; once the valve
is opened, air is sucked in as the foam expands, which partially inflates
the mat and only requires a couple of breaths to inflate fully. 25mm
of insulating foam means a warm and comfortable night, and the included stuff sack helps to reduce volume for extra space while travelling.




For even more comfort, Snugpak offers theXL Self-Inflating Mat with Built-In Pillow (RRP £80.00). This extra-long and wide mat features an air pillow for more comfort while sleeping, and theblow and lock valve systemlets the user adjust to their desired fill. 

Butterfly Neck Pillow (RRP £25.00)

The Butterflyis a self-inflating pillow, specially designed to ensure a comfortable night's sleep, by equally supporting both sides of the head due to its ‘butterfly' shape. When removed from its stuff sack, the Butterfly will self-inflate to a standard size, and air can be added or removed according to personal comfort through the blow-and-lock valve system.

Snugpak Pakboxes

Snugpak Pakbox (RRP £7.00 - £9.00)packing cubes will help to keep your camping tidy and organised. Pakboxes are a purpose-built storage solution, offering protection of clothing, essential items, and equipment. These lightweight, functional storage containers are designed to complement both on-the-move storage in packs and rucksacks, as well as more traditional cases, and feature a see-through mesh cover, allowing you to quickly identify and select what you need. Pakboxes are available in four sizes - 1L, 2L, 4L and 6L (pictured) - which can be used individually or stacked vertically or horizontally, and they come in two colours,
Black or Olive.

Snugpak Compression Sack(RRP £13.00)

Once you've crammed the kids and the tent into the car, space is often pretty tight, but things can be made much easier and roomier with Compression Storage Sacks. Traditionally used for sleeping bags, these tough and lightweight nylon sacks can be used on any compressible item such as fleeces, pullovers and other clothing, generally reducing the bulk by between 30% and 50%. Available in four different sizes (Small to XLarge), and in Black or Olive colours, they can be incredibly useful when you're on the move, and they're also a great storage solution for the home.


You can find out more about all of these Snugpak products, and theirfull range of outdoor clothing and equipment, on theSnugpak website.



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