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2023. Launches AI Web Search to Lead Web 3 Revolution in the US Markets Launches AI Web Search to Lead Web 3 Revolution in the UK & US Markets


Startup Introduces New Way to Search the Web Via Messenger With AI-Generated Text Response & Configurable Algorithm, Alongside Other AI Services


LARNACA, CYPRUS (March 15, 2023) – Technology startup, Ltd., today announces the launch of its innovative AI services via ChatGPT,, and yoursearch.aiin the UK and United States.


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Description automatically generatedOn, the user first enters their search query in a web app or Messenger. The chatbot then sifts through the best Google search results with the help of ChatGPT and answers the question as a text answer – including the sources of where the results were found. Unlike a traditional Google search, the user does not have to waste time searching for their desired answer(s) from various linked search results. Plus, the user is never bombarded with any ads while using the service.

The web app also offers an editor mode where users can 
customise the search prompt; Users can share their best prompts on all public platforms with #yoursearch and get a $5,000 reward as well as a job offer if the startup uses it on


Now is the time to rise from the dark of Silicon Valley to the sunlit path of AI and Web 3,” said Founder & serial entrepreneur, Dr. jur. Can Ansay. “I intend to lead the AI revolution in the best interest of users and humanity by putting the power back in the hands of users; not only will people have access to and help shape our innovative services but 60% of my profits and voting rights as a sole shareholder will be distributed directly back to users and the linked website creators.”

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Description automatically generated with medium harnesses the power of formerly launched AI services via Messenger, which, unlike their conventional use via browser, works faster, is easier, and is completely free to the user. Whether you’re looking for advice, fitness tips, text writing, or a new recipe, just ask the AI and it will tell you anything you want to know, instantly. Users can also receive AI images via messenger using just a text description.


The company will also be launching two additional services in the coming weeks: and With, users can add unofficial celebrity chatbots as Messenger friends, allowing them to connect, learn, and converse in a new way with notable figures like Elon Musk, Jesus, or any person in history. AI expert chatbots can help with learning, weight loss, career advice, and spirituality.


With, users will receive news that is automatically summarised by ChatGPT via a dedicated web app for free – even through Paywalls. News from foreign websites is translated into a user’s native language, and users can even filter news by rating and specific emotions triggered. Ltd. CEO and founder, Dr. jur. Can Ansay is a serial social entrepreneur from Germany. After a successful career as a lawyer, he developed an AI medical diagnosis app in 2013, he then founded an eHealth company in 2018 that topped nearly 700,000 users. In 2021, he launched an AI bot for personalised therapy options and created free online COVID-19 self-test certificates, and in 2022, he launched the first legal online store for cannabis flower in Europe.



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