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Annual health checks need high tech futureproofing to work


Tuesday 14 March 2023

Associated event: Spring Budget - Wed 15 March 2023

Annual health checks could kick-start a health revolution and protect the NHS

Government plans to give all workers annual health checks is an exciting opportunity to give preventative healthcare a huge shot in the arm, but only if it embraces new technologies and ways to deliver support, says Dr Michael Stein, founder and chief executive officer of Added Health.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is expected to announce the initiative in the Spring Budget on Wednesday 15thMarch as one of a range of measures toboost economic productivity.

Added Health is the only dedicated online health and wellbeing coaching service in the UK regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Dr Michael Steinsaid:

"I wholeheartedly support the idea of annual workplace health assessments. We give cars annual MoTs but not humans. That's a crazy state of affairs. However, without an effective delivery model, there is a risk that such a health assessment scheme could be slow and costly to roll-out and unpopular with employers, putting the initiative and its purpose at risk.

"Poor employee health costs UK businesses an average of £3,340 per person each year.Our results are already proving that effective health assessments and therapies delivered online can lead to profound improvements in health and future life experience, all for a fraction of that cost. Using online services to drive preventative health can have a dramatic impact on individuals, the economy and the future wellbeing of the NHS."

Dr Michael Stein - Interview Opportunities

Dr Michael Stein is available for interview. To arrange a time to talk to him, please contact:

Andy Comber: 07889 630440 |

Alanna Clear, Added Health Chief Marketing


Dr Michael Stein and Prof Chris Butler

Dr Michael SteinMB ChB, BSc (hons) (UCT), D Phil (Oxon) is a successful health entrepreneur who has been dedicated to developing and bringing to market new ways to deliver healthcare for more than 25 years.

He qualified as a doctor in Cape Town before winning a place at Oxford University as Rhodes Scholar where he did medical science research, discovering an alternative pathway of macrophage activation. He practised medicine in the NHS and also lectured inimmunology and pathology at Oxford University.

Dr Stein co-founded Added Health with one of the UK's most eminent academic GPs,Prof Chris Butler, Professor of Primary Care at Oxford Universityand Director of the university's clinical trials unit.

Prof Butler is co-Chief Investigator of PANORAMIC, the on-going trials platform set up to assess the efficacy of COVID therapies in the wake of the pandemic. He has been published in the world's leading medical journals, including the Lancet, BMJ, New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA.

Among the other eminent medical professionals, researchers and health tech leaders on Added Health's advisory board are Microsoft's Worldwide General Manager of Health, Neil Jordan, and Mayo Clinic cardiologist Charles Cannan. 

About Added Health

Founded in Oxford in 2019, Added Health is an advanced health coaching app developed by doctors, health researchers, coaches, and digital technology experts with the vision to make everyone healthier.

It is closely aligned with the Government's aim, detailed in a 2019 Green Paper, to develop a national preventative healthcare strategy based on proactive, predictive and personalised prevention through targeted support, tailored lifestyle advice, and personalised care.

All services are backed by qualified doctors and the latest published research from around the world, through a growing ‘brains trust' of leading physicians and therapists with the same vision to prevent illness not just cure it.

Uniquely, Added Health considers all aspects of physiological and mental health, encompassed through five pillars of good health - nutrition, exercise, sleep, wellbeing, and relationships.

It is working with individuals and employers to develop bespoke programmes that meet their needs.

Added Health's coaches undergo thorough training in the use of Motivational Interviewing, a behaviour change technique proven to enhance motivation to change and achieve goals. Psychologist Professor Steve Rollnick, co-founder of Motivational Interviewing, is a member of the Added Health advisory board.

Clients receive person-to-person online coaching, supported by scientifically proven techniques,tailored advice and support.

Added Health is also using anonymised machine learning and wider artificial intelligence techniques to continuously improve its services and client outcomes.

Added Health impact

"Within 6 weeks with Added Health, my cholesterol, blood pressure and urates were down, I lost 7kg. I felt energetic and mentally sharper. The osteoarthritis in my hips was improved. So, I came off meds for cholesterol and gout because it's under control naturally. By 12 weeks, I had lost 10kg, my waist was 2″ less and I remain off all meds still. Added Health has helped me recalibrate what good health and wellness look like."

Simon, 50s, Oxford

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