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#IWD2023: Embracing Equity in Publishing & Business - Free Online Event Tonight!



Happy International Women's Day!

Join 100+ people this evening for a free, inclusive, online event:Embracing Equity in Publishing & Business - all from the comfort of your own home (PJs and hot chocolate recommended!)

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Kent, United Kingdom: Today is IWD 2023 and publishing PR & marketing agency LitPR ( is hosting a free, online, panel discussion on the theme of Embracing Equality in Publishing, Business & the Creative Arts. RSVP HERE! SPACES LIMITED!

Fundraising for DAVSS - Domestic Abuse Volunteer Support

It's time for our annual International Women's Day event! Today (8th March 2023) from 6-7pm we're going to be discussing how we as women, and men as allies, can better embrace equity in publishing and the creative arts. Embracing equity is this year's IWD23 theme.


Join us for a positive, lively discussion around equity for women in publishing and the creative arts, join in the chat with our open Q&A, and be part of a fundraiser for LitPR's charity of the year: (DAVSS is a domestic abuse support service located close to LitPR in Kent).



The founder of LitPR, Helen Lewis, is hosting tonight's IWD event. She started her PR business 12 years ago, at the age of 30, with a new-born in one arm, a toddler in the other, a £3,000 bank loan, and zero connections in publishing. Fast forward to 2023 and she's now got a team of 7 incredible people and together they have worked on more than 500 campaigns. Helen is also the co-founder - alongside amazing author Abiola Bello - of a prize-winning small press (Hashtag Press), a book prize (The Diverse Book Awards), a self-publishing support service (Ink! Publishing Services), and her daughters are now at secondary school.



Dr Susan Doering, author of Smart Career Moves For Smart Women: How To Succeed In Career Transitions (Routledge, 28/02/23). Susan is an international career and leadership coach who operates globally, coaching individuals to achieve professional success and facilitating career development training courses for private and public sector organisations. She has loved every new career phase that she has embraced. Susan lives in Greenwich on the banks of the river Thames.


Soraya Nair is currently the Publisher at TriggerHub, overseeing their three publishing imprints, Trigger Publishing, Upside Down Books and Cherish Editions. Soraya has eight years of book publishing experience including experience in non-fiction, children's and academic books such as It's Okay To Not Be Okay by Danielle Sherman-Lazar and Me, Myself and Ana by Abi Appleby. In her spare time, Soraya likes to read celebrity memoirs and collect vinyl records.


Dr Gabby Pelicci, Ph.D. "Dr. Gabby" is a professor and coach, guiding individuals and groups towards wholeness using writing as medicine. She is the author All This Healing is Killing Me (Memoir) due for release from Mindstir Media in May 2023. She completed her doctoral work in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies with a dissertation on women healers — and studied plant medicine with indigenous healers in New Mexico and Guatemala. She has been a University Professor of Integrative and Holistic Medicine since 2007. During her 20+ year career, Dr. Gabby has taught hundreds of students and clients proven strategies for positive change in life and work. She specialises in creating wellbeing at the intersection of Integrative Health, Spirituality and Storytelling.


C.D. Seventeen is originally from China. She moved to the UK at the age of 17 on her own to study psychology at King's College London. She was born in a place called "the south of clouds" (Yunnan province of China), an area with drastic diversity of landscape, religion, culture, music, and arts. "Whoever can speak is a singer, whoever can walk is a dancer" is a famous saying in the country, which describes the artistic Yunnan people. C.D. is not an exception. Apart from writing poems, she is also a techno music artist, DJ, and painter. The Weights We Carry (SilverWood Books, April 2023) is the first poetry collection from C.D. Seventeen, documenting her solo bike-packing adventure around the Scottish highland and Orkney Islands. A trip with a total distance of 658 miles (1058.95 kilometres) and a duration of 46 days, with mostly wild camping.




The five amazing women on the panel are also available for media interview, comment and copies of their books can be made available for you too.

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