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New travel app launched to reward travellers for using public transport

New travel app launched to reward travellers for using public transport


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Great Britain's first ‘anywhere to anywhere' travel app has been launched to reward people with money-saving vouchers for travelling green, using public transport, walking or cycling. The free-to-use app, called Sojo, has been created by Swiss global innovators, Axon Vibe in partnership with UK-basedRaileasy the split ticket consumer champions.

George Sikking, Chief Executive of Raileasysaid, "With 92%* of Brits thinking about how they can save money and 75%** concerned about climate change we just knew that there was a marketplace for something which would tackle both. Sojo is an absolute win-win, rewarding people financially for saving the earth's natural resources. We think that the climate conscious people of Great Britain will love it".

Sojo GB is Great Britain's first nationwide sustainable travel, incentives & rewards app, is free to use and, once you've given it your permission, it intelligently transforms your journeys into rewards without your data being seen by or sold to anyone. The app works anonymously behind the scenes and, as a thank you for choosing to travel sustainably, it will trigger vouchers from retail partners providing offers such as a free coffee, a pastry or other exclusive clothing & leisure deals all offered in the context of your regular journeys.

Jeremy Acklam, Managing Director of Axon Vibe in the UK said, "We are thrilled to have collaborated with Raileasy. We firmly believe that Sojo is the solution which will benefit thousands of travellers across Great Britain. Our global Sojo Initiative incentivises people to travel more responsibly and helps to reduce the effects of climate change as they go about their regular lives", he continued, "The Sojo GB app offers cost savings to encourage people back onto the rail network and personalised rewards which will help High Street businesses thrive".

The app enables seamless journey planning from door to door, and you can buy a great value rail ticket, hire a bike or book a taxi, where available, across the whole country. Over 4 continents, in Cities like New York and Tokyo, Sojo has already demonstrated the behaviour change that is so vital to the future of the planet, and it is now available in Great Britain.

To access the app simply go to your preferred app store and download Sojo GB.

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* According to the Office for National Statistics, 92% of adults in Great Britain reported an increase in their cost of living in November-December 2022.

** According to the Office for National Statistics, 75% of adults said in October 2022 they made a lot or some lifestyle changes to help tackle climate change.

Notes To Editors: 

Axon Vibe AG are a Swiss company based in Lucerne known for successful travel incentive & behaviour change solutions worldwide. Founded by Stephan Muff in 2007, Axon Vibe was created to harness the future of sustainable personalised travel using smartphone data. Its predecessor Endoxon delivered core technology for Google Maps and was acquired by Google in 2006.

For more information or an interview please contact Jeremy Acklam on 07824 411432 or email him


Raileasy are a third party retailer fully accredited by the Rail Delivery Group and were established in 2005. They are one of the UK's largest on-line sellers of train tickets and are the organisation who developed the original split ticketing algorithm that has introduced price competition into the train ticket market.

For more information or an interview with a Raileasy Executive please contact Kip Parker on 0771 333 0280 or email him
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