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Pandemic drives long term shift to flexible and hybrid work patterns






Pandemic drives long term shift to flexible and hybrid
work patterns


A survey has revealed that for the majority of workers, working patterns have changed since the pandemic, giving themthe flexibilitythey want and need for a better work life balance. The survey, which was conducted by recruitment companyCJ Talent(formerly Capability Jane), found that for 70% of employees, hybrid working has now become their regular working pattern.

CJ Talent, who specialise in bringing together candidates looking for senior roles, with forward-thinking organisations which offer flexible or hybrid working and want exceptional talent, surveyed nearly 500 people (including both employers and employees) over a six-month period. 

The data shows that: 

  • Over 65% of people stated that hybrid was their ideal work situation, over a quarter would like to be fully remote while fewer than 3% (2.7%) would like to be entirely office based.
  • 82% said that flexible working was extremely important. 
  • 77% of people felt that part-time, either three or four days per week would be their ideal work pattern. 
  • Half of respondents felt that flexible working was important to allow for work life balance and a third cited childcare as the key reason, whilst others valued flexibility to enable them to care for parents, have more time for themselves or to help them take care of their mental health. 

Of employers who responded, the majority were offering multiple options around flexible working with hybrid being the most popular (nearly 83%). This was followed by part-time which accounted for over 77%. Just over 50% allowed staff to work entirely remotely and nearly 40% offered flexitime. Other flexible options being offered include condensed working hours, staggered retirement, and annualised hours. 


The increase in flexibility and hybrid working may be here to stay and CJ Talent are strong advocates for this way of working. Managing Director Caroline Doherty said: "At CJ Talent we have been pushing for more flexible working since we started 14 years ago, so it's great to see so many businesses adopting a more flexible model. Having a more flexibleway of working is an excellent way of retaining and attracting the best talent. In the early days flexibility was seen as something required by mothersreturning to work but it's refreshing to see the world of work changing and understanding that flexibility should be available to everybody for the whole host of advantages it brings.These new ways of working benefit everybody; the organisations, and their people." 

Previously known as Capability Jane the company has recently rebranded to CJ Talent to reflect the changes seen in the workplace and to recognise the fact that flexibility should be an option for everybody. The rebrand incorporates a new logo, message, and website. To find out more 




Notes to Editor 

Founded in 2007, CJ Talent is one of the leading recruitment businesses specialising in the flexible and hybrid working sector.Our aim is to create a flexible recruitment marketplace for high quality, senior part time roles, enabling talented individuals to work flexibly. Through our network of over 20,000 candidates, we deliver diverse, highly experienced, high-calibre employees. No other recruitment company has the equivalent depth and breadth of market coverage for this sector.

CJ Talent recruiters are passionate about providing exceptional service for clients and candidates alike. The team hasextensive experience in resourcing flexible and hybrid working talent for a wide variety of industry sectors, role types and organisations; from VC backed start-ups and fast-growing SME businesses to major corporates.