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Make a super spiking meal for your Valentine

Make a super spiking meal for your Valentine

The cost of living crisis means fewer couples will be dining out this year and instead are cooking at home for their loved ones.

 However, they may need a little inspiration to create an impressive meal and in a short space of time.

 This is where the award winning cooking gadget mySpike comes is known for substantially cutting down cooking times (45 mins off roast chicken and gammon joint / up to 20 minutes off vegetarian dishes)

 Make a heart shaped roast chicken crown or a red roasted tandoori cauliflower (see images below)

All you will need to do is Season, Spike and Savour the flavour.  

 mySpike is helpful in so many ways...

  • Gives you quality time with your love one as less time in the kitchen required
  • You will have less dishes to wash 
  • Marinate the food with mySpike seasonings leaving you literally nothing to do apart from lighting the candle. 


Devs P says: " I love the simplicity of My Spike. It has become our favourite way of cooking... no fuss, fool proof, quick, and healthy. We are a split household of veg and non veg so have a couple of these and put mushrooms on one and meat on the other. Just shut the oven door and in just a short while, hey presto a perfectly cooked meal!  


Please see another recent client testimonial:   

"A simple cooking tool with such amazing results. We love our MySpike dinners, it gives a different dimension to regular family dining and the children love getting involved with the prep! There are so many great flavours — I think we've worked our way through them all! A firm favourite of ours the the sharwama followed by tandoori. Really quick delivery and well packaged. Veebha is always on hand for queries and tips! "Ria T"   

mySpike Is retailed from £29.99   

For high resolution images contact:  

Veebha Parmar   



See what's cooking:
Facebook: mySpike Instagram my_mySpike              

Oven cooking made easy | Gold Award Winner 2022 Best Product  


Veebha Parmar 


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See what's cooking: 

Facebook: mySpike 

Instagram my_mySpike 


Oven cooking made easy | Gold Award Winner 2022 Best Product