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Diversity goes wild at Havant’s crematorium

19 January 2023

Diversity goes wild at Havant's crematorium

Video: The Oaks Crematorium Havant 

The grounds of a crematorium in Havant are now home to the most diverse range of mammals and invertebrates since the site opened in 2013.

Colleagues at The Oaks Crematorium Havant have been working hard to make the whole of its surroundings more wildlife friendly since it opened nearly a decade ago.

Thanks to advice and monitoring from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, the latest report shows the highest species diversity recorded since surveys began.

According to the report, carried out by Arcadian Ecology: "The wildflower meadow and mound has shown vast improvement over the years, with a diverse range of grasses and wildflower species that can support both small mammals and invertebrates."

A total of 55 species were recorded in the meadow in 2022 including 12 species of butterflies - two varieties which were not previously been recorded on site, the Essex skipper and clouded yellow.

There were also four species of bumblebees, six bat species and five species of Orthoptera such as grasshoppers and crickets.

The report noted a 112.2% increase in Orthoptera numbers since the last count in 2020 which indicates ‘good structural and botanical species diversity on site to support these invertebrates'.

Gemma Lacey, Director for Sustainability and Communications at Southern Co-op, said: "The team has worked incredibly hard to get to this stage, so to see that wildlife is now in abundance, is very rewarding.

"With nature in decline, supporting its recovery is vital and our natural environment is extremely important in our efforts to combat climate change. This is just one of several sites where we have been enhancing opportunities for wildlife alongside supporting the Wildlife Trust with its Wilder Portsmouth and Wilder Wight initiatives which are helping create more space for wildlife in our cities, towns and neighbourhoods.

"Together we hope nature will continue to thrive as well as providing a calming environment at The Oaks for people to remember their loved ones."

Looking ahead, colleagues at The Oaks Crematorium Havant will continue to make environmental enhancements as well as in the neighbouring woodland which will hopefully see even greater opportunities for the local wildlife in 2023 onwards.

The crematorium is set in 8.5 acres providing a picturesque setting and a space for all cultures, ages and beliefs.

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