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Vollrath energy-efficient induction soup kettle from FEM
 Soup it up

Vollrath induction soup kettle from FEM keeps soup piping hot and fresh

Soup is a universal staple for foodservice operations.  It’s easy to make from fresh seasonal ingredients to add interest to any menu and is an ideal option for cafeteria, self-serve venues and takeaways. The latest Vollrath Mirage countertop induction soup kettle from FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) looks great front of house and is a safe, energy-efficient way to heat and serve soup.

It uses induction heating technology to retherm food faster and more precisely, eliminating overheating and resulting in better food quality and less waste.  The 800 watt, 3D induction coil heats food evenly and efficiently, with accurate temperature control, taking the 10.4-litre capacity inset filled with soup from a chilled state (below 4.4°C) through the HACCP “danger zone” to 73.9°C in less than 90 minutes.  As heat is transferred directly to the induction-ready inset, there is no need for water and the subsequent monitoring and refilling of water levels as in conventional soup kettles.

Three temperature sensors have direct contact with the induction-ready inset to provide accurate temperature control, helping to prevent burning or drying out.  Once the desired temperature has been reached, holding the temperature is very energy-efficient.  The sensors also measure the differences in food temperatures, alerting the user when it is time to stir the product by illuminating the stir indicator on an LED display.

Temperature can be adjusted via the display and there are three pre-set programs available for soup, chilli or macaroni cheese.  A locking function prevents untrained users from adjusting the selected settings.  The kettle also features diagnostic controls, which help troubleshoot potential issues if they arise, minimising downtime.

The Mirage soup kettles are supplied with the induction-ready inset, a slotted, hinged cover and an integrated handle that wraps around the unit for easy, safe handling. They are available in vibrant red or bright natural aluminium. Additional inserts and covers can be purchased if required. Ready for immediate ‘plug and play’ use, the Mirage kettle works from a standard 13amp supply.

List price is £945.00 with a 1 year warranty.

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