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Net Zero Review: a huge, and extremely worrying, misrepresentation of emissions


“Government giving huge misrepresentation of our emissions”



Martin Evans, director of the Malthouse Consultancy which specialises in low-energy building, says: 


“Today the Government is proudly claiming, in response to the Skidmore Review, that the UK has achieved a 44% reduction in our CO2 emissions since 1990.  


This is a huge, and extremely worrying, misrepresentation of our emissions. It is dangerous to suggest we are half-way there when, the reality is, the majority of the ‘saving’ figure trotted out by the Government is simply that we manufacture less here, outsourcing to places like China. So no net reduction, in fact probably a net increase as their production systems rely more heavily on the dirtiest fuel and we have to ship the finished products around the world to get to us.


CO2 knows no borders so this type of misleading stats will be very damaging as it will instill a feeling of achievement, and people may not understand how urgent a situation we are truly in.”





About Martin


Martin Evans is a passionate environmentalist who has 20 years of Project Management experience within large civil engineering firms. 


Since 1990, Martin has specialised in sustainable engineering, working with a broad range of clients from small home refurbishments to luxury hotels.


He assists clients in creating environmentally sustainable solutions that maximise development potential, minimise carbon footprints, and achieve net zero.


With a background in structural design, construction and more recently 20 years focused on sustainability and energy issues. He offers a uniquely broad approach to reducing energy requirements, improving efficiency, customising systems and technology, in which to deliver the optimum bespoke solution.


When not working on renewable schemes, Martin can often be found researching wind and wave power or windsurfing.


Further Info on Martin:


Video of Martin’s Advice on Building a Net Zero Home

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