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Blue Monday - how to put a positive spin on Monday

Blue Monday - don't believe everything you see on the web

The third Monday of January is fast approaching and in recent times this has been labelled Blue Monday, nothing to do with the New Order hit of the eighties, but more so because it is said to be the most depressing day of the year. 

Back in 2005, psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall came up with this phrase based on his own theory and since then it has become an annual low point in the calendar, following on the holiday period. According to his theory, Monday 16th January 2023 will be the most depressing day of the year for many of us considering the weather, debts, failing new years resolutions, motivation to go back to work and frustration with relationships.

18 years on, in an era where Mental Heath is more widely understood, we can all recognise the importance of not focusing on negative concepts which can lead to or amplify depression. In terms of business, customer confidence is critical, but if the business leaders themselves are struggling, this negativity transmits across their teams and influences how they face up to customers.

The power of self belief can be huge. Much like the date of Friday 13th, the more we tell ourselves that there are difficulties on the horizon, the greater the chance of us talking ourselves into a hole.

So how can you or your team best deal with the negative media on this topic? As a business mentor, here are my top 5 tips to help you navigate blue monday. 

1.Make sure to tell yourself that this is only a date, like any other date. There are no specific economic or scientific reasons why things should be most depressing. Self affirmation is an easy, but powerful tool that can keep you in a positive frame of mind.

2.Plan to do something positive on this day, personally, with friends or family. This will focus your mind towards positivity and opportunity, which are possible and within your control.

3.Business Owners or Team Leaders, should plan for some charity or volunteer work. Selfless acts are often extremely rewarding and will also help you realise how you have the power to do something amazing for others.

4.Wear something colourful, listen to something that would make you dance or read something that will make you laugh. Plan into your routine something that will release endorphins, not only will it make you feel better, but it will affect those around you as well.

5.Remember, your future is not yet defined, anything is possible. By acknowledging that Blue Monday is simply a date, you are already halfway there to ensur that it does not have a negative impact on you, your family or your business. 

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Naeem is the Vice President of the Sutton Coldfield Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Midlands Retail Forum and a Director for a national retailer in the UK. He believes that SME's will beat the big brands by giving an amazing Customer Experience that will compel customers to not only repeat buy, but to become advocates.

Naeem is a multi-award winning business advisor and consultant, 6 times best selling author and has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Retail Gazette, and has also been interviewed on BBC radio multiple times.

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