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Women at Davos are Winning the Climate Race by Climate Compensating Their Week at Davos
Will you be speaking about The World Economic Forum and the lack of diversity and under-representation of women at the event?
I'm working with Dr Anino Emuwa, founder of 100 Women @ Davos who hosts events in Davos specifically for women, opening doors for more collaboration and introducing key players to help tip the gender balance. 
Would you be interested in speaking to Dr Anino about The World Economic Forum? 
Dr Anino Emuwa, founder of 100 Women @ Davos can speak about improving low female representation at Davos. WED reports 25% attendance at the annual meeting which is much higher than the 5-6% of women in CEO roles. Yet this is still far from parity. They report that in 2023, almost parity for session moderation roles. (They were silent on actual speaker roles)
In Davos in total there are 3x approx as many attendees as WEF ( 7,500 compared with 2,500) Female representation is 15-20% by estimates.
Dr Anino recently spoke to France 24 on how to get more parity built into Davos - access, visibility and targets. There's currently no data on women of colour or minorities. This is also important to have and share.
As the founder of 100 Women @ Davos she provides a supportive network for women with access to information and practicalities- Davos can be difficult to navigate- and working with event and conference organisers to get more women on panels and in private door meetings.
Women are needed to contribute equally to problem solving and creativity to ensure that the organisation are performing at their optimal and world we are living in has the best prospects for growth, stability and sustainability for all
She has also partnered with The Swedish Lunch to enable those attending to offset their carbon. A staggering 84.1% of women attending chose to do this. Sadly, the men were not so forthcoming. I've copied the full release below, and have also attached it. . 
Please do let me know your thoughts?
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Women at Davos are Winning the Climate Race by Climate Compensating Their Week at Davos
DAVOS, Switzerland: 84.1% of women registering for the Swedish Lunch – one of the most sought-after events held alongside the World Economic Forum – are choosing to carbon offset their trip whereas their male counterparts, have yet to make the same contribution.
In one week’s time, the World Economic Forum will hold its 52nd Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland from the 16th to the 20th of January, 2023. World leaders and dignitaries will gather, over the course of a week, to discuss world issues under the theme 'Cooperation in a Fragmented World'.
During the conference, a thousand private jets whisk the world’s elite into Davos. Arriving in a private jet is the standard and is more common here than anywhere else. The dignitaries visit hundreds of private and invite-only events.
Since 2014 the Swedish Lunch, a luncheon hosted by Swedish twins Marcus and Alexander Widegren, has become one of the most renowned and visited events. Together with 100 Women@Davos, they added a feature to carbon offset a participant’s travel. Only a fraction of men chose to carbon offset their travel.
Dr. Anino Emuwa, founder of 100 Women@Davos says, “We are well aware of the powerful impact women have both in business and the world. Companies with gender-balanced inclusive leadership teams are outperforming those that lack gender diversity. It’s clear from this simple act of offsetting carbon to attend Davos, that women are driving the sustainable change that needs to happen now”.
“Traditionally there are roughly 25% of women attending the conference which means that the traction is coming from a small number of participants. This is a problem at the front door that can be fixed imminently if we shine light on it.” says Swedish Lunch co-host Alexander Widegren.
Dr. Anino Emuwa continues, “Women are at the forefront of battling climate change across the world and now the women are in the lead in Davos. Yet with just 25% out of the participants being women, and even fewer being invited as keynote speakers. Women are definitely in the minority and winning the race on climate.”
Notes to editor:
100 Women@Davos founded by Dr. Anino Emuwa - is a community of impact-driven women CEOs, leaders, and change-makers originally launched in Davos in January 2019 supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) 5 Target 5.5 to: “ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership”.
The Swedish Lunch: Since 2014 it provides a multi-sector forum to promote Swedish values of sustainability, equality, innovation, and inclusive growth. Our mission is to bring world leaders together, increase global connectivity and share inspiration during the World Economic Forum. The Swedish Lunch is a private non-profit event funded by the hosts. The event is private and invitation-only.
Data collection and source:
The source of the data is from and approximately 1,100 applications have been received so far. Of these applications 53% are men. 517 are applications from women and of these 434 have chosen to carbon offset their trip to Davos.
The authors of this press release have a firm belief that through advances in technology, equality, and sustainability we gain inclusiveness in the world. We aim to align our endeavours with the seventeen goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.