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Feature pitch: Why the digital age for law firms must start now


Feature pitch: Why the digital age for law firms must start now


The legal sector is notoriously behind when it comes to its digital offering. In a recent survey of the top 100 law firms, only one had ‘excellent' website speed on mobiles, while 66% had poor loading speed, a major impediment on how much visibility they get on Google.


In a 2022 Bellwether report, it was found that for 33% of law firms web development is high on the agenda and 36% of law firms say they plan to increase their investments in tech in the near future. Yet when Bellwether asked law firms what was stopping them from implementation, the most prominent reasons were the lack of time (52%), technical expertise (46%), understanding (36%), and budget (35%).


Would you be interested in a thought leadership piece on why the digital age for law firms must start now?


My client, Mike Chapman, Founder of digital agency Indie Ridge, has partnered with global brand Passle  to revolutionise the legal website offering for small to medium-sized law firms. Mike could talk about:


       Why law firms are behind the times when it comes to their digital presence and why that needs to change

       Tips for law firms on how to revolutionise their digital presence


If you would be interested in a pre-written piece for your readers or to have an interview with Mike, please