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Much lower cost airfryer alternative takes 60 mins off cooking roast!

Low cost low tech kitchen gadget saves **60 mins** cooking roast. Perfect for the Christmas dinner!

The award winning cooking tool (PPR £29.99) invented by busy mum of two, Veebha Parmar, dramatically reduces cooking times and produces delicious food. It's called mySpike, a low tech simple yet highly effective vertical cooking tool that can compete with airfryers in terms of saving energy and cooking 


A customer wanted to test the cooking times for her 1.91kg chicken for her family roast dinner. She looked up several online cooking time calculators and they all said 1 hour 45 mins for that weight (1.91kg chicken).

 She started her stop watch...It look JUST 45 MINS TO COOK. Meaning she saved 60 mins of using the oven's heat, essential for these cost of living crisis times.

 Amanda says: "I was astounded at how fast the chicken took to cook. Best of all, the skin was crispy and it was so easy to carve, plus it was the first time ever being able to get so much meat off as the upright position on the spike makes it super simple to carve. Zero waste!!!'

Inventor Veebha Parmar has just done the Ideal Home exhibition and the product flew was in high demand. She is keen to share this invention far and wide as air fryers are so expensive to purchase and have limited cooking space - mySpike RRPs at just £29.99 and you can get your return on investment in much faster time. Plus they take up minimal storage space as they are easily dismantled and stored in the kitchen cutlery drawer.

 In addition, with the shortage of turkeys this year, mySpike are recommending the Cauli Crown! That is a delicious cauliflower cooked through evenly with all the herbs and spices and has a lovely smoky taste.        

      More about MySpike... 

  • Saves Energy and time by reducing cooking time as it heats through the middle outwards, inwards from the oven or BBQ heat and upwards. 
  • Fuss Free Cooking, simply season, spike and savour each moment. 
  • Vertical cooking allowing to make more than one dish at a time. 
  • Brings people together, sharing food around the table. 

Please see another recent client testimonial: 

mySpike is the most used utensil in our kitchen at the moment. We absolutely love it. It is simple, versatile, easy to store and makes healthy and tasty food in less than an hour. I cannot recommend it enough The wow effect has never been more achievable. Thank you Myspike" "Victoria Power 

mySpike Is retailed from £29.99 


Veebha Parmar 





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Oven cooking made easy | Gold Award Winner 2022 Best Product