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Pippa, Lady Blake to join Novara One Planet

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Ahead of COP27’s Adaptation d
ay, Novara One Planet is delighted to announce that Pippa, Lady Blake has joined us as a patron – see the below and attached Press Release.


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Pippa, Lady Blake to join Novara One Planet

Greenwich, London, UK — Novara One Planet is delighted to announce that Pippa, Lady Blake has joined us as a Patron. She shares a deep concern for the effects of climate change on the planet and is a strong supporter of Novara's mission.

‘I am thrilled to support the Novara team as they work with coastal communities adapting to climate change. This is urgent work as the effects of climate change are happening now, particularly in coastal communities.'

The Novara One Planet project aims to connect people to the impacts of climate change through science, education, art and adventure. Her support for the Novara One Planet project compliments her association with The Sir Peter Blake Trust (BLAKE) as both foster youth leadership development and learning through marine programmes with an environmental focus. With her late husband Sir Peter Blake Pippa took part in several ocean yacht races, has sailed around the world and was part of many yachting campaigns.

Pippa is passionate about environmental matters as well as being a well-known and respected artist. She works from her studio at home on the edge of Chichester Harbour on the south coast of the UK, where she was brought up, and visits NZ every year to connect with family, friends and BLAKE - and go sailing.

‘As an accomplished artist, we hope Pippa will join us on board Novara at key stages of our journey,' said co-founder of Novara One Planet, Dr Nigel Jollands.

Researchers on board Novara will be listening to the stories of people in coastal communities, how they are affected by, and adapting to, climate change and how communities can reduce their climate impact.

The sailing vessel Novara is a platform for climate/environmental science, in particular research in coastal communities in the Artic, Caribbean and Pacific. There will also be opportunities for sailors and researchers to join climate-change-focused sailing expeditions.

The Novara One Planet has several other prominent supporters:

  • Steve Brown, former owner, adventurer and Tilman Medal winner based in France.
  • Rev Bob Shepton, Adventurer, author and twice winner of the Tilman Medal, based in Scotland
  • Prof Bruce Glavovic, Lead author of the IPCC's report on Climate Change impacts on Coastal communities, based in New Zealand.
  • Nisreen Elsaim, Chair of the UN's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, based in Sudan.
  • Dr Victoria Syddall, Scientist examining gender and climate change in Pacific communities, based in New Zealand.

The Novara, One Planet project will be led by Dr Nigel Jollands and Veronica Lysaght. Nigel has worked on climate change research, action, policy and finance for 30 years. He's provided advice to the highest levels of government and managed billions of euros in climate finance funds. And somehow that's not enough. The Novara project gives him an opportunity to combine two of his passions - sailing and the environment.

Veronica Lysaght will contribute to research, provide leadership development and facilitation skills in communities where these skills are wanted. She has worked in journalism, management, coaching, research and facilitation for more than 30 years.

About the yacht, Novara

Novara is a Novara is a specialised high-latitude expedition yacht custom built to be independent for several months at a time. She is an aluminium hulled Bestevaer 60c, designed by the famed Dykstra naval architects and built by the world-leading KM yacht builders in 1997. She's designed as a high-latitude ice breaker research vessel with a unique aero rig constructed by Damon Roberts of Magma. With Steve Brown as skipper, she has already circumnavigated the Americas.

She has recently had a major overhaul of equipment, including rebuilding of her masts and yards in Southampton, and is now ready for another decade of research and adventure anywhere in the world.

For more information, please visit, or see our press kit -

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Veronica Lysaght
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