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Artist turns anxiety into something beautiful

Artist turns anxiety into something beautiful


Artist Jenni Stone has taken a condition that many people live with and turned it into a beautiful and creative business venture.


Jenni a screen-print artist from Lichfield Staffordshire founded Jenni Stone Designs a business inspired by her love of nature in 2021.  The artist whose products include hand crafted cushions, mugs and cards amongst other things believes art has been a way of dealing with anxiety.


She says: "I've always been creative, and my mum was always keen to get all of us kids outdoor, exploring nature.  When I was younger, we lived in Holland where school is focused on a kinaesthetic way of learning in the early years, so I lot of touching and making as opposed to a more British, academic way of learning.  As a creative child this was a real joy for me and having had anxiety since I was very young, I would often find myself lost in creating pencil drawings so this way of expressing myself as always been very therapeutic for me."


Whilst Jenni has always been involved in the art world having worked at a gallery early in her career and at a local college working with adults with learning disabilities in more recent years it was only in 2021 that she decided to turn her passion into a business.


She explains: "In the midst of lockdown I decided to take a branding course as I wanted to gain some clarity around what I wanted to do and for whom.  The course not only helped me focus but also helped me design a logo, create a brand, find a tone of voice, and establish who my target audience was.  Once I had all that in place, I decided to take the plunge and step away from creating for fun and try it as a business.  It's been an interesting process and I'm glad I did it.  I'm always working on ideas and find inspiration everywhere I go whether it be the changes that happen within nature each season or the shapes seen in the architecture around us."


You can find Jenni's products online at JenniStoneDesigns - Etsy UK Prices range from £3 to £55