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Easy wins - how to improve your business profile with LINGO

Easy wins - how to improve your business profile with LINGO

As we emerge from a 2 year hiatus of being able to get ‘out there' socially, yet another economic crisis looms on the horizon. It's looking likely to be a pretty bleak and cold winter ahead.

Now's the time to get to grips with some ‘easy wins' you can do to improve your business profile and generate more business.

Owner/Founder of The Thinking Cap, Lisa East has developed a training programme, LINGO, in order to help businesses get sales cut-through in these highly uncertain times. She asks,"Have you adapted your sales strategy to meet the seismic shift of the last few years. More importantly, are you ready for what's yet to come? The fact is, most SMEs don't actually have a sales strategy at all, never mind being prepared to navigate the financial, political and social chaos that lays ahead. So, if ‘Social Selling' isn't part of your sales strategy, it needs to be; before it's too late."

Developed by Lisa, LINGO was designed to generate business and sales using social selling principles. A fusion of her many years' marketing, sales and business thinking that is boiled-down into bite-size chunks that are easy to understand and digest. Lisa self-proclaims,"I've lived in the sales and marketing trenches and have many (well-earned) t-shirts to prove it. LINGO is the distillation of all my experience, proven methods and sales know-how."

From start-ups to larger corporate business training, LINGO gives you the direction, momentum and vision to achieve your desired outcomes. A strategic plan of action, tailored guidance and imaginative content creation that is bespoke to your business needs and goals. This isn't LinkedIn training, it's LinkedIn 2.0.

LINGO has even been effectively used in Australia to generate new business when other, locally ‘proven' methods had failed. Lisa also used it to train sales teams in replicating the same methodology that helped her surpass her targets in a completely unfamiliar territory.

So, forget everything you think you already know about using LinkedIn to generate business leads. On its own, LinkedIn is just a vehicle. With LINGO, you get the keys, the fuel and satellite navigation to guide you to your desired destination. Don't wait for the economic downturn happen to you. Pivot, adapt and make life easier for yourself and your sales team. 

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