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Hubbard Systems now supplying Orved Evox range of vacuum packers
 Hubbard helps you exist in a vacuum with the Orved Evox

Hubbard Systems now supplying high quality vacuum packers from acclaimed Italian manufacturer

Hubbard Systems are now supplying the Evox line of vacuum packers made by Orved. Orved is an Italian manufacturer with nearly four decades experience of building high quality vacuum packers for use in foodservice and catering.

The Evox line is designed to provide operators with a simple way of vacuum packaging and processing a range of goods without specialist knowledge.

Vacuum processing has a diverse range of uses in modern kitchens. Sealing food for sous vide cooking is one of the most popular, but it can also be used to preserve food for longer as part of cook chill systems, for packaging sauces, the creation of infusions and flavour extraction, and for marinades amongst other applications.

The Evox line includes two standard models, the 25 and 30, as well as the advanced Evox 31 Hi-Line.

All models in the Evox range are countertop units, with a compact footprint that enables them to be installed in smaller locations. An eye catching design features a stainless steel exterior with a curved, tempered glass cover. Each model includes Orved’s specially designed vacuum chamber, with an integrated sealing bar. The chamber is made from high quality plastic polymer with rounded corners to make cleaning and maintenance hassle free. They are controlled via a simple touch-control panel, while a sensor monitors the conditions within the chamber, allowing maximum vacuum to be reached every time.

The Evox 25 features a pump with a vacuum capacity of 4 cubic metres an hour, while the Evox 30 has an 8mc/h pump. The Evox 25 and 30 include presets for vacuum packaging for storage in bags and containers as well as a program for preparing food for sous vide cooking.

The Evox 31 Hi-Line’s pump has a powerful 12mc/h pump, and along with the presets of the other models features four chef programs which automatically handle marinating, infusing, sauce making and cleaning mussels and clams, programs designed for processing jars and a continuous run cycle. It also features an inert gas supply system which can be used for vacuum packing delicate products, in order to reduce crush damage which it does by replacing removed air with inert gas to prevent the bag from damaging the food.

All models in the range include an automatic pump oil dehumidification cycle to help guarantee working life, and feature front opening for easy maintenance.

The Evox 25 has external dimensions of 444 x 482 x 208h mm, with 495 x 627 x 288h mm for the Evox 30. The Evox 31 Hi-Line is 495x677x288h mm. The Evox 25’s compact size and integral handles on the side make it possible to store in a drawer when it’s not required.

“Recent years have seen a huge increase for demand for vacuum packaging equipment,” says David Rees, marketing manager of Hubbard Systems. “Whether it’s for creating a safe and hygienic storage method, making tasty sauces, marinades and infusions, or preparing food for sous vide cooking, the Evox range from Orved  offers flexible solutions for every applications.”

List prices for the Evox 25 start at £2022 plus VAT.

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Scotsman has been associated with Hubbard Systems for nearly 50 years.  Hubbard Systems is known for its expertise and for the professionalism of its pre- and after-sales support.  In the most recent customer satisfaction survey, Hubbard Systems scored over 90% in all question categories, including ease of contact, enquiry handling, delivery, accuracy and technical support. Hubbard Systems is a division of HTG Trading.

Hubbard Systems also offers a wide variety of Friulinox models, including cabinets and counters, blast chillers, worktop and undercounter units in a range of sizes.