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World Menopause Day - New Product Launch

First ever air-cooled mattress launched to help Menopausal women beat the heat


Innovative new Air Shelf fan system redistributes air for a cool and comfortable night's sleep




Constantly waking. Too hot, too cold. Kicking the covers - on then off - throughout the night. Exhausted, sluggish, frazzled and dazed from continual disruptive sleep.  This is the all too familiar nightly pattern for those women struggling with menopausal symptoms.


October marks World Menopause Day and one woman is providing a solution to disturbed sleep.


Menopause Mattressesis a brand sleep system with cooling technology to offer a better night's sleep for the millions of UK women suffering from overheating at night.[1]


The brand was founded by Ray Adams, 47, who has suffered unbearable nightly hot flushes since she was 38.  She said:


"Since I was peri-menopausal, my sleep has been severely impacted. The hot flashes were waking me up many times, and I was averaging just 4 to 5 hours of poor sleep a night.  Combined with changes to my mood and increased anxiety, I literally felt like I was losing my mind."


Ray, an interior designer with years of experience in bed and mattress making, developed her idea for this oddly simple but extremely effective airflow system, combining built-in fans in the Air Shelf and uniquely breathable, super comfy organic mattresses.


"The vast majority of mattresses contain foam or latex"explains Ray,"they greatly impede air circulation, causing sweat, overheating and coldness at different points in the night.


Temperature is key for a good night's sleep.A poor sleeping environment, combined with the symptoms of menopause, accentuates poor sleep and blocks homeostasis,which is the balance our bodies need to function correctly.


Ray continues:


"When your mattress overheats at night, the heat and sweat accumulate with hot patches and high humidity. The whole idea behind this range is to allow for fresh air to pass underneath a breathable mattress to effectively evaporate the heat and dampness. This leaves your sleeping layer cooler initially and dry, which then helps you both get to sleep quickly, and more importantly, stay asleep for more of the night."


Menopause Mattresses are made from natural organic wool and coconut husk.When you need to get warm, the dry organic wool insulates you perfectly. When you're perspiring, the amazing wool wicks away the hot moisture from the top of the mattress to the underside of the wool. While the independent pocket springs ensure supreme comfort, they and the coir husk allow air flow to dry the wool.

The Air Shelf gently delivers a cooling flow of air viathree very low-energy fans controlled by a dimmer switch on each side of the bed allowing each partner to control the airflow into their side of the mattress. The Air Shelf and its fans are engineered for efficiency, using extremely low levels of electricity at 11 pence a night for a large bed. 


Feedback received has been nothing short of phenomenal. In some cases people have said it has changed their lives - whilst others have noticined the benefits more and more as each night goes by.


"I have had the best sleep I've had in months. The air cool feature really helps - I can get pretty hot at night and the fans have made a big difference. They are quiet too and you can barely hear them. It sounds like an exaggeration, but I can honestly say this mattress has been life changing." Karen M



"I was just too tired from a disruptive night's sleep. After using the mattress for a few days I realised I had been sleeping through the night, sleeping very well and comfortably. It is a relief to have a reprieve from the constant shifting of covers and finally get the sleep I so desperately needed." Angela P



"I have my little fan on low and it keeps me at the right temperature through the night. The mattress is just so comfortable and when you have the fan on, you know it's like that ‘just washed, fresh sheet feel' all the time." Rachael L


Double sizes from £1,095 for the Whisper mattress & Air Shelf and £1,870 for the Calm binary spring & Air Shelf, Ray is certain this new range will help menopausal women suffering from sleep deprivation and every person that needs help regulating their body temperature at night. All Menopause Mattresses come complete with the Air Shelf and a no-quibbles money-back guarantee. They also offer a 40-night free trial, free recycling of your old mattress, free returns, and a 10-year guarantee.


Menopause Mattresses go on any bed. Delivery is free to most parts of Southern England to the room of your choice and includes full assembly and 5-minute set-up.


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PRESS OFFICE CONTACTS: For product reviews, images or interviews with Ray please contactkathy@pr4.comor call 07957383070


How does it work?

Menopause mattresses

A single sided pocket sprung mattress is approximately 23cm deep, easy to rotate, and engineered to welcome air from the 6cm thin Air Shelf underneath, which is supplied with the mattress.

Air Shelf

The Air Shelf is virtually unnoticeable in day-to-day life as it's slightly smaller than the mattress it supports. This makes putting on fitted sheets much easier.

Always supplied together, the Air Shelf and mattress cleverly fits on top of any type of bedframe.


The Air Shelf comprises three low-energy fans and a dimmer control switch on each side of a double bed, allowing each partner to control the air flowing up into their side of the mattress.