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Bliss of London to Unveil Revolutionary New Bridle at BETA


Please find our press release below detailing the revolutionary new bridle from Bliss of London being launched at BETA International.

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9 September 2022 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Bliss of London to Unveil Revolutionary New Bridle at BETA International - See us on Stand 2-D20


Bliss of London will reveal the new Fairuza Bridle during the BETA International trade fair, along with new girth and saddle panel designs. 


The new Fairuza bridle was developed with para dressage rider, Bert Sheffield, whose World Championship horse lends her name to the design.  Fairuza wore a prototype of the bridle and caused much interest during the World Championships at Herning, Denmark, recently. 


The bridle design evolved through Bert's experience with Fairuza, otherwise known to her fans and followers as Wonky, who previously objected to wearing a noseband. 


"I absolutely love this bridle", says Bert.  "The bridle worked so well and there wasn't time to get the more refined Mk II version, so Wonky wore the prototype at the World Championships.  Wonky was happiest without any noseband in my many bridle/noseband experiments, so the challenge was to replicate her preferences in a BD/FEI legal bridle, and it worked.  This is not just another anatomical bridle with even more padding. This is a totally different concept and I believe it helped Wonky feel softer and elastic in her body as well as helping us achieve a quieter, more harmonious contact", Bert explained.   


The bridle is hand stitched English leather with layered materials to release pressure and create softness and flexibility under the headpiece and noseband.  Removing the buckles from the side and releasing the pressure on her face made a big difference to Wonky, and Bert is delighted with the results.


Another innovation is the new ‘Echo' saddle panel, designed to create a wider gullet and provide a broader bearing surface under the saddle. This helps with stability, particularly on broader horses with flatter backs which can be the case with modern warmblood sport horses that may be a medium fit but have a broad spine.  The wider gullet clears the spinal processes, and the large bearing surface ensures comfort and stability. 


"The panel came about when we needed to fit saddles for PRE horses.  This Spanish breed are often not that wide and they have a wither, but they are flat at the back behind the cantle", explained Nikki Newcombe, director of Bliss of London saddle makers.  The Echo panel can be fitted to any saddle in the Bliss range, increasing the options for saddle fitters.


Bliss of London saddles are renowned for their stylish custom colours and cantle designs, and now their new Sym Girth can be coordinated to match.  This symmetrical dressage girth has been designed with no elastic to help avoid slipping saddle issues.  The handmade English leather girth is available with custom options including contrasting stitching and custom colours to match personalised custom saddles for dressage, jumping and eventing. 


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All three new products can be viewed on the Bliss of London Stand 2-D20  at BETA International. 


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