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September 2022




Deploy inflatable tanks to tackle drought


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This year's low rainfall and high temperatures have underlined the need for farmers and others with high demand, to better manage their consumption: including optimising their use of water abstracted from rivers or aquafers.

The agricultural, horticultural and ground maintenance sectors can abstract up to 20,000 litres per day for irrigation without a permit but will frequently benefit from having flexible storage capacity: as facilitated by Deploy Tech's ( inflatable, concrete canvas tanks, which can be quickly installed on virtually any level site.    

Three, four or five metres in diameter and two metres high, the Deploy R for Rural range tanks offer capacities of 14, 25 or 40,000 litres and are installed by the company in a two-stage, overnight operation: delivering valuable capacity in inaccessible areas, often distant from mains supplies.   

Once inflated the tanks are sprayed with water to cure them and rapidly gain strength to resist hard usage, or the attention of livestock, while a removable cover restricts evaporation and avoids bird fouling.  The concrete canvas is also chemically resistant so the tanks can be used for water reuse. 

Co-founder and CEO of Deploy Tech Ltd, Paul Mendieta, commented: "This year's exceptional weather conditions have further increased interest in our unique water storage solution - from farmers and those responsible for sports grounds needing to irrigate crops, pitches or other land.

"Our very versatile tanks are delivered in crates and can be easily located using a tractor of other readily available machinery, before being inflated and made ready for use the following day.  We are also working with the UK Government on an initiative to help combat the effects of climate change and have several routes to market including agricultural wholesalers and tank retailers." 

Customers who wish to abstract larger volumes from nearby water sources can apply for a licence seek advice from Deploy Tech on making maximum use of the water they already have available.

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